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Understanding Abstraction


Anna Handy

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Understanding Abstraction

Understanding Abstraction Students will be able to...
Compare these two works of art using your foldable organizer. Objectives: Drill: 4 Main Methods Simplification Fusion Color Perspective Do you consider these both to be art?

Which do you prefer? FOCUS QUESTIONS An exploration in common techniques and their purpose in abstract art works. analyze and identify styles and techniques found in the work of various abstract artists. explain abstract art and identify reasons why an artist might choose to use abstraction techniques in his/her work. identify four common abstraction techniques and list an artist example of each type. "A Still Life of Pears, Peaches, and Grapes" by Charles Collins "La Vase Paille" by Paul Cezanne Why is this painting so famous? What techniques does the artist use to convey emotion and meaning in the piece? would it have been just as effective if it was traditionally realistic? Simplification
Fusion of foreground and background
Arbitrary use of Color
Arbitrary use of Perspective of Foreground and Background Arbitrary use of Arbitrary use of "Blue and Green Music" by Georgia O'Keeffe "Pertaining to Yacts and Yachting" by Charles Sheeler "Team of Horses" by Arthur Dove Using only essential shapes with minimal detail to communicate form. "Portrait of Daniel Henry Kahnweiler" by Pablo Picasso "Composition VII" by Wassily Kandinsky "Charing Cross Bridge" by Andre Derain "Womain with a Hat" by Henri Matisse "Dora Maar Au Chat" by Pablo Picasso "On a Sharker Theme #2" by Charles Sheeler
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