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Is Copyright Bad?

No description

Sawsan Yafi

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Is Copyright Bad?

Is Copyright Bad?
The Definition of Copyright
Copyright means to have the right to make copies of license, artwork, videos, and etc. It also means that you have the right to copy someone's work.
Which Things can be Copyrighted
Things that can be copyrighted are books, plays, music dance, movies, and pictures.
The Fair Use
There are 3 fair reasons why people use copyright:

1. To comment upon

2. To criticize

3. A paroddy

The Copyright Duration and Public Domain
The legal protection of copyright lasts for a couple of decades giving the person a chance to exploit it but if their work is not protected they are in public domain which means they do it withoust permission. They would be in public domain for 3 reasons.
1.It's the work of the goverment in the US
2. It's non-protectable work
3. The copyright is expired
In conclusion, I suggest you don't use copyright because of the causes of using copyright. So NEVER EVER use copyright AT ALL!
Thank You!
By: Sawsan Yafi
Grade: 7C
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