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Isabella Virtual classroom

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 15 September 2017

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Transcript of Isabella Virtual classroom

Explain Everything
I used Explain Everything for a computation strategy for maths and a oral presentation for science. I needed photos for the oral presentation so I did it. For maths I wanted to write my strategy in pink,red and purple so I did.
Word Document
I used word doc to write a adventure at school for English. I felt like changing the font, writing size and colour.I like how it saves by itself.
For maths and science I needed to send my work to my teacher so she can see it. As the name says it sends mail.
Google chrome
I used the computer for 2 things which were google chrome and Skype.
I pad/ smart Phone
I used the i pad to make my 2 explain everything and to research information on rocks. I used the smart phone to send my work to my teacher.
I used the mouse to click on the apps I needed.I also used it to move the computers arrow.
the end
Digital Technology
Virtual classroom
I used Skype to conference the story with my teacher. Skype lets you see the person you are talking to not just hear them.
I used goggle chrome for science. I had to search up info on rocks, minerals and soils for the oral presentation. It also helped me find photos for science.
OLA is now virtual because technologies have taken over the world.we need to find a way to do the tasks that our teacher set for us.How are we going to do this ?
Thank You
For Watching
Isabella Millman
By Isabella
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