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Greek Architecture

No description

gs students

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of Greek Architecture

Greek temples were houses of worship to a god. There was a statue of a god in the temples. One of the most famous temples was the Athena Parthenon.
Greek Columns
Greeks had beautifully designed houses and marketplaces. They also had many different specialized buildings.
Stoas were much like temples, but were longer. Sometimes they were even two or three stories high.
Greek Architecture
There are three different types of Greek columns.
The three main columns are
.Doric-The most simplistic of the columns. It has capitol, pole, metope, and triglphs. It doesn't have a base.
.Ionic-Tall and thin, also was more decorative than the Doric column. It had a scroll design at the top and had a longer shafter making it appear taller than the Doric column.
.Corinthian-Were more decorative than the Ionic. The Corinthian Column was decorated with leaves and flowers. The roof was flat not slanted.
Types of Buildings
A gymnasia was a place where Greeks would wrestle. They would also have a track for running in the gymnasia. Warriors would train here and the gymnasia was open to all of the public. The gymnasia was a huge part of the schools in Greek.
Why is Greek Architecture Important
Greek architecture is important in present day America because many of are important buildings are designed like the Greeks long ago. You can even see Greek architecture in the U.S. Treasury Building.
U.S. Treasury Building
Ancient Greek Building
Doric Column
Ionic Column
Corinthian Column
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