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time zones

No description

Taha Khan

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of time zones

Why do we have time zones? We have time zones because the earth is constantly rotating on its axis. If people everywhere set their clocks to the same time, midnight would we the middle of the night in one place, and the middle of the day in the other. To solve this problem, we have created artificial time zones with follow the lines of longitude of the earth, running from the North Pole to the South Pole. When were the first time zones put into place? The first time zones were put into place in 1972. The new time system was called UTC. UTC is used around the worldby people and astronomers. Time Zones What is the Prime meridian The Prime meridian is the line of longitude on Earth that is 0 degrees. The Prime meridian is like an equator except it is going up and down which divides the Earth in to a Western and Eastern Hemisphere What time zone is Calgary in? Calgary is located in the Mountain Standard Time zone or MST. How Many time zones does Canada have? Pacific Standard Time Moutain Standard Time Centreal Standard Time Easteren Standard Time Atlantic Standard Time Newfoundland Standard Time Canada has 6 time zones, they are: How many time zones does the world have? The world has a total of 24 time zones How do we know wether to add or subtract and by how much when changing time zones? Each time zone west of the Prime meridian you subtract one hour and each time zone east of the Prime meridian you add one hour. If it is 10:00 am in Calgary, the time in Sydney, Australia would be 4:00 pm. In Paris, France the time would be 12:47 pm. The time in Machakos, Kenya would be 8:00 am. Examples of time zones around the world How does the Earth's rotation affect day and night in different parts of the globe? The Earth's rotation affects different parts of the globe because when one side of the Earth is facing the sun, it is daytime. When a side of the earth is facing away from the sun, it is nightime. IDL What is the international date line? The international date line is an imaginary line that shows when the beggining of a day and the end of a day. Thanks For Watching BY Taha, Daniyal C and Daniel D
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