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Godbout, Quebec

Did you know there was a town called Godbout in Canada! In the presentation you will learn more about Godbout. Also, this is your chance to learn a little french!Pictures from Google and info from Goggle also. Enjoy!

Matthew Godbout

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Godbout, Quebec

Godbout, Quebec
The town of Godbout was a trading post in 1864.
This is the only ferry that goes directly to Godbout ,the Matane.
But then in 1955, Godbout was constituted.
The town of Godbout is beside the St. Lawerence River.
Godbout takes up an area of 78.15 square miles in land. In addition, Godbout's population is 298 which has dropped by 17.5% in the last 5 years.
This is the Quebec Flag.
godbout is also near the end of the Godbout River.
the only highway that goes to Godbout is route 138.
Godbout has warm summers and cold winters. Also, Godbout has beaches. Surrounding Godbout are tall and wide mountains.
The main language of Godbout is french and English.
Fun Facts:

1. Godbout is about the size of Newport in Pennsylvania.

2. Godbout is part of Quebec, which then Quebec is then with Canada.

3. My family's ancestors were part of Godbout's community.
BY: Matthew Godbout
la fin,au revoir!
the end, goodbye!
Merci d'avoir regarde!
Thanks for watching!
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