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Spain : Catalonia and Basque conflicts

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Stephanie Boakye Danquah

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Spain : Catalonia and Basque conflicts

Spain : Catalonia and Basque conflicts
by : Stephanie Boakye-Danquah & Genesis Lopez
Evidence of centripetal/centrifugal forces: "Assemblea Nacional Catalana" Catalan National Assembly is an organization that seeks political independence of Catalan from Spain
Evidence centripetal/centrifugal forces : Basque
ETA: Euskadi Ta Askatasuna ("Basque Homeland and Freedom")
- Proscribed terrorist organization by the Spanish, British, French and American authorities and by the European Union as a whole.
-Founded in 1959 and evolved from a group promoting traditional Basque Culture.
-Most important participant in Basque conflict
Form of conflict: Catalonia
The conflict has created much tension and disagreements between Catalonia and Spain but there have been no reported violent actions to date. Mainly campaigns and protest like activities.
Form of Conflict: Basque
-Open violence: ETA has been held responsible for killing 829 people.
-900 people have died in the conflict.
-Hundreds imprisoned.

Spatial Extent : Catalonia
Primarily with Spain and partially France. Hasn't spread to other areas
Spatial Extent: Basque
Length of Conflict: Catalonia
Started in the early years of the 20th century. The following decades saw rise of Catalan nationalism .
Root of conflict
Basque and Catalonia want independence from Spain and France based on thesis that their both nation derived from political and cultural ideology.
Evidence centripetal/centrifugal forces : Catalonia
Length of Conflict : Basque
People Affected :Catalonia
Catalan independence movement has been relatively peaceful and there have been no deaths/displacements.

People Affected : Basque
Involvement of Outside Agencies : Catalonia
Involvement in Outside Agencies : Basque
Conflict in Media : Catalonia
Conflict in Media : Basque
Sources : Catalonia & Basque
Sources for Catalonia:


Sources for Basque:


Conflict is ongoing and widely reported in the press in Spain. Predominately in Madrid and Barcelona.
-The most important/dominant has been the Catalan National Assembly.
-They have been been unsuccessful in achieving freedom.
North-central Spain and south-western France. The conflict is primarily in this region and also, on a smaller scale, wherever the ETA have attacked.
Want for Independence: Since the late 19th century, the Basque nationalism have demanded the right of self-determination and even independence.
Length of tension: Over a decade to ceasefire (2006 and 2010).

Since 1968, the ETA has been responsible for the deaths of 829 people, injuring thousands and undertaking dozens of kidnappings.
ETA: Acronym for Euskadi Ta Askatasuna
-ETA is the main organization of the Basque National Liberation Movement.
-ETA has until now been unsuccessful in gaining Basque's Independence.
Also, like Catalonia, reported a lot more in Spain than other parts of the world. But the Basque conflict is not reported nearly as much as the Catalonia conflict.
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