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Gathering Blue VS The Giver

Compare and Contrast

Daniela Barrera

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Gathering Blue VS The Giver

Compare and Contrast Gathering Blue vs The Giver Setting The Giver/Gathering Blue Gathering Blue VS The Giver The Giver VS Gathering Blue Characters Conflict/Plot By: Daniela Barrera The Giver/Gathering Blue Example for Jonas's conflict:
He wanted to make the change that the receiver didn't hold all the pain. Example of Kira's conflict:
She wanted to find out the truth about the past and wanted to change the future. Man VS Society
The beginning conflict of the Giver was...
Jonas wanted to change things that were unfair. The beginning conflict of Gathering Blue was...
Kira had to win her trial. Then later, she had to find the truth. Similar: They were both courageous and talented.
Jonas could see beyond .
Kira was a very good threader. Different : Jonas was healthy and had a good life and Kira was broken and had a horrible life. Jonas's motive: He wanted change for his community. Kira's motive: She wanted to find the truth and wanted a better life for herself. The settings in Gathering Blue and The Giver were very different because one was a colorless Utopian Society and the other one was altruistic. The Utopian society had no colors. Everyone only saw black and white. Fen: It was very dirty. The water was muddy. No one had enough food. The people living there were very sick and they were begging. Edifice: It was decent. It had windows and it had a heater. It was clean and they served good food. There were many activities to do there. This is where Kira, Thomas, and Jo worked.
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