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evaluation question 8

No description

Maria Pavlou

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of evaluation question 8

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product? Looking back at your preliminary task,
what do you fell you have learned in the
progression from it to the full product? Editing Since making the first two prelims I have noticed that my editing and FinalCut Pro skills have developed. In 'Amnesia' we learned to use effects and were able to add effects, such as black and white, to our film. This made the film look like a professional film. When making 'Bag Swap' it was my first time using a proper camera. I was quite scared but after a while I got used to it. We made many mistakes in our first two preliminary tasks that we made sure we avoided when filming 'Amnesia. When filming all three films we thought about our camera angles and shots most of the time. I do like all the angles but some had too much unneeded space and out of focus shots. In 'Bag Swap' we started our film with the clock, but to get this shot, Prince stood on the sofa, which made the clip come out blurry. In 'Amnesia' we made sure this didn't happen so when we decided to zoom out of the TV and pan around the room we made sure we used the tripod so that the camera was secure and would not be shaking. In our second film 'Snatcher' the first clip of Prince and Rosie ended up being very blurry. When this happened we didn't notice so when we filmed 'Amnesia' we were scared that it was going to happen again and we wouldn't notice. Luckily many time we did notice and we were able to get many shots that were in focus. When planning our preliminary tasks we didn't do any planning and actually just planned it on the spot. We came up with a brief storyline and then we just went of and recorded. Because of the no planning we made sure that we fully planned our final film and made storyboard. This made the filming much more easier and we were able to get it done it a short amount of time. Planning Camera Also in 'Bag Swap' there was a lot of space between Prince's head and the top of the screen plus there was a lot of unecessary space. After seeing this in the clips, we made sure that we didn't do this in 'Amnesia'. It was very time consuming, but definitely worth it because our film looked much better. The sound from these two clips show the way we have been able to develop our use of SoundTrack Pro. In 'Bag Swap' we only used one sound whereas we put together many different sounds for 'Amnesia'.
Also in our preliminary we didn't know how to turn off the sounds from the camera, so you can hear voices in the background. We then learnt how to do this so we were able to turn it off in our final film.
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