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Threat of American Expansion Into British North America


Matt kajin

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Threat of American Expansion Into British North America

THREAT OF AMERICAN EXPANSION IN BRITISH NORTH AMERICA 1. British North American colonies were worried about an American invasion. People predicted that if the colonies joined they would be able to protect themselves. 2. In the 1860s Northern and Southern states battled each other in the Civil War where Southern attackers used Canadian land as a base. At the end of the Civil War, 1865, Northern states said that the British colonies teamed up with the Southerners. The British North American colonies didn't get along with the US because the British government helped the Southerners in the War which made British North American colonies terrified that Americans would expand their land. 3. The Americans expanded their territory in 1860. Irish Catholics from the US made a few cross border armed attacks into British North American colonies. The Irish Catholics called, Fenians wanted to end British rule over Ireland so they attacked British North American colonies. 4. After the Civil War Americans moved West because they believed in "Manifest Destiny" which is continents to the West in North America should be part of the US. They already had land that belonged to Spain, Mexico, France and Great Britain. 5. British North Americans were afraid of Americans taking over Western lands in British North America. The Americans in the Red River Settlement wanted to join the US. Red River and the American Community of St. Paul, Minnesota had already had trades going on. 6. American miners who had came during the Gold Rush in 1850s-1860s were worried about the colony of British Columbia being taken over by America. Many British Columbians thought they had more in common with California than eastern British North America. People in British North America colonies were worried about American's taking over. Reason 4 BY JOSIE, IANNE, BROOKE,NOAH & MATTHEW :) A belief that North American continents should be owned by the US . This is how the Irish Fenians looked Map of the American colonies
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