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Perfume Launch Business Plan

No description

Claudia Sümeghy

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Perfume Launch Business Plan

Kate Lord Brown, The Perfume Garden Choose of Topic Fashion. Art. Business. Personal Motivation Goal & Research Method Few Books Structure Websites, Blogs Zsolt, Céline, Roland, Viktoria interview --> --> closely guarded secrets industry, definitions FEASIBLE BUSINESS PLAN Introduction to Perfume Industry
Useful Hints for Perfume Business Planning IV.1 IV.2 IV.5 IV.8 Perfume Launch Business Plan for
Luan by Lucia II-III. Company and Product Description Perfume Launch Business Plan Industry and Market Analysis IV.3 Competition IV.4 Marketing and Sales Plan Operations Plan IV.6 Management and Organization Plan IV.7 SWOT-Analysis and Risk Management of the Company Financial Projections Introduction Conclusion perfume industry why niche? why project company? Perfume is the key to our Memories... Luan by Lucia Eau de Luan why 5 scents?
why 50ml? Hungary and the Perfumes Why is it important to sell at home? Learn from your Competitors !!! Marketing Plan Sales Plan Why no own shop? Print Press Ads? Why? the TEAM Stay Objective!!! And the Numbers... Any Questions ? Thank You
Your Attention! 25-28 billion $ industry
300 new perfumes each year
flag-bearer of the brands
EDPs are outperforming
Profitable Product 25-year-old Hungarian fashion house
Lucia S. Hegyi and The Family
Holistic / Slow concept
7 business lines
Keys to Success Perfume brand of Luan by Lucia
5 niche scents
50 ml in cylindrical bottle
Haute Perfume Club Taste Kit
100 Euros Increasing sales revenues (7.1%)
Perfumery shops, Drugstores
Three niche shops
Logo addiction
Eau de Luan target group Niche but few mainstream marketing tools
Messages to Convey
Ads, PR, Events, Trade Shows
51.000 Euros Budget 6 types of distribution channels
47 sales points
3500 units sold in the first year
210.000 Euros sales revenues The Executive, The Creative, The Head, The CR Manager and the Administrator Prepare for Risks!!! 370.000 Euros Credit
327.000 Euros Startup Capital Costs
38.5 - 72.88% gross profit
54.030 Surplus in the first year CashFlow Positive Net Income in the first year
128.000 Euros Cumulative Net Income in 3 years
196 units sold via Own POS is the Break-Even Point Celine Verleure Zsolt Zólyomi
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