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The Alchemist Map

No description

Fabiano Hernandes

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of The Alchemist Map

The Crystal Merchant
The thief
The Alchemist
Camel Driver
The Tribal Chieftain
The Gypsy said to Santiago that he had to go to the Pyramids and that he would find his treasure. She said that if Santiago found his treasure, he would have to give her 1/10 by payment.
He is the King of Salem, and explained to Santiago that he needed to follow his Personal Legend and go to the Pyramids. He told him about the Soul of the world and gave him Urim Thummim.
Santiago worked for him at his shop. He taught him Arabic and his habits. He is an example of someone who did not want to follow his dream.
He pretended to be Santiago's friend when he arrived at Tangier. But he was truly a thief that stole his money at the market while he was distracted.
He met Santiago while he was waiting for the caravan. They became friends because the Englishman realised that Santiagio had Urim and Thummim. He wants to become an Alchemist and travels with Santiago to the Oasis to look for the Alchemist.
He was the chief of the caravan and used to talk with Santiago about the desert. He taught him about the secrets of the desert and its elements like tribesman, seers and bedouins.
Fatima was a woman of the desert. Santiago and her was in love. She said to Santiago go ahead on his travel. And even if he took years, to come back she would be waiting for him, because she was a woman of the desert and was used to wait. Like her mother, that has wainted for her father.
He was the commander of the military camp he captured Santiago and the alchemist because he thought they were spies. He wanted to see Santiago turn into the wind then he would let them go.
He lives at Al-Fayoum and know the secrets of alchemy. The Englishman looks for him but Santiago becomes his disciple. He teaches him how to follow his Personal Legend and listen to hsi heart. He knows how to turn himself into the wind through the Soul of the World and turn lead into gold.
The flight of the hawks is an example of omen and the army marching to the oasis is foreshadowing
A desert scarab is a good omen
Urim and Thummim falling from Santiago's pocket is an omen.
Santiago talking to the desert is an example of pathetic fallacy
An example of allusion is that Santiago is a shepherd and Jesus is also a shepherd of people
An example of metaphor is “The desert is a capricious lady, and sometimes drives men crazy.”
An example of imagery is “When he reached the top of the dune, his hearth leapt. There, illuminated by the light of the moon and the brightness of the desert, stood solemn and majestic Pyramids of Egypt.”
An example of similie is “It sounded like a gypsy prayer”
The first obstacle Santiago encounters is the dream his parents had about him becoming a priest but he wants to become a shepherd.
The second obstacle is love. He encounters it when he has to leave Fatima in order to follow his personal legend.
The third obstacle he encounters is when he lost almost everything and almost chooses to give up but he goes to work with the merchant.
Time & Place
Big Navigations age

Santiago travel to Tangier by boat and is robbed by a thief.
Santiago and the Alchemist are arrested by the tribesman
Santiago struggles to turn himself into the wind while being held by warring tribesman in the Sahara Desert – The whole process.

Santiago and the Alchemist were liberated and continue their travel.
They stop in a monastery and the Alchemist turn lead in gold.
He gives one part to Santiago, one to the Monk that allowed they to use the kitchen, one part stay with him, and the other he give to the Monk, in case of necessity by Santiago.
Thieves find Santiago near the pyramids and rob him and hit him, and then, when Santiago was near death, the leader of the thieves tell Santiago about one dream that makes Santiago realize that the treasure was always under the Sycamore near the ruins of the Church
Santiago finally returns to find his treasure buried under the sycamore tree.
It is the most beautiful city!
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