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Thinking of Race (Gender, Class, Nation) in DH

#MLA13 presentation

Anne Cong-Huyen

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Thinking of Race (Gender, Class, Nation) in DH

Thinking Through Race
(Gender, Class, & Nation)
in the Digital Humanities:
The #transformDH Example Digital Humanities
digital humanities Anne Cong-Huyen
UC Santa Barbara
anne.conghuyen@gmail.com #transformDH
or Transformative digital humanities
critical race and ethnic studies
feminist, gender, queer studies
postcolonial, transnational, diaspora
disability studies
DIY (Add your own!) "The increasing precariousness of the job market, which results in an unprecedented increase in part-time, adjunct, and non tenure-track hires, makes it important to consider issues of labor and inequality based on difference - whether in terms of race, gender, sexuality, or disability... We must also consider the impact of technology on labor beyond academia. How, for example, is this current discourse of digital humanities ill-equipped to deal with issues of production and consumption, such as the Asian American women workers who build computer parts or the disposal of e-waste in Ghana? Moreover, how can we build a digital humanities that creates better tools and forms of collaboration, but is also attentive to the gendering of hardware and software tools, or is sensitive to the exclusionary practices of collaboration?"

(Excerpt from original ASA11 Transformative Mediations Panel Proposal) "… movements like #transformDH baffle me. The tumblr blog…offers this as a mission statement: '#transformDH is an academic guerrilla movement seeking to (re)define capital-letter Digital Humanities as a force for transformative scholarship by collecting, sharing, and highlighting projects that push at its boundaries and work for social justice, accessibility, and inclusion.' Do we really need guerrilla movements? Are war metaphors, or concepts of overturning and redefining, truly the right kind of metaphors to use when talking about change in the digital humanities?"

Roger Whitson, "Does DH Really Need to Be Transformed: My Reflections on #mla12" (Blog post) Hesitation and Resistance (from allies!) Informed by Intersectional Critical Cultural Studies Transformative DH Where we come in: "As the phrase #transformDH proliferated, it began to be seen more as an imperative than as a description of present creations and future possibilities. It has become a site for critique of what Natalia Cecire has acutely diagnosed, in her 'Defense of Transforming DH,' as the endemic liberalism of DH: the common, though far from ubiquitous, presumption that racialized and gendered experiences in and out of the academy won’t affect people’s experiences in the big welcoming tent. I agree with Natalia: I think such antagonisms have their uses. Though I am unsettled that the presence of queer and ethnic studies theories and critiques has become an interpretive claim that she makes about #transformDH; from where I’m standing, that has always been the central, crucial point."

Excerpt from Alexis Lothian, "#transformDH and transformativity" (Blog post) Responding: Central, Crucial Points & What you can do Gender, sexuality, race, nationality, and ability are all central to how we encounter and participate in digital humanities
#transformDH is a larger endeavor > Participate!
We must work collectively towards transformative, social justice oriented engagements
Be a digital humanist - reassert the human in the humanities Contribute!
transformdh.tumblr.com Join the community Converse & Share More concrete ways of participating: History: #mla11 and THATcamp SoCal #transformDH Thank you!
This presentation is posted at:

Links to the #transformDH tumblr, blog, and cited documents will likewise be shared. Additional site of info: http://hastac.org/groups/transformdh Bonus example:
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