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GCF Corporation

No description

Ahmed Achour

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of GCF Corporation

Green City Future
GC=F Corporation Founders
Project GC=F
Structure GC=F

•GABES its great place to live it has a unique feature in the world, in this city you find
the mountain the sea the oasis and the desert But Gabès is one of the biggest industrial cities in Tunisia. Most industries are chemical oriented,. Once known as “The Smoky City,” GABES air has improved over the past few decades.

•BUT: Just because you can no longer see the problem doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Our region’s air quality is still in the danger zone, ranking among the worst in the nation for harmful, yet largely invisible pollutants.

GC=F Corporation is a coalition of residents, businesses, government and many other groups in GABES that are working together to clean up our air for the health of our families and economy. Despite improvements over the past few decades, our region’s air still ranks among the worst in the nation of Tunisia , exacerbating asthma and causing other serious health problems in our communities such as higher rates of heart disease and lung cancer. But there are solutions. If you care about the air you breathe, we invite you to join us. Our lives–and way of life–depend on clean air

Green Development in GABES Why not ?
Our goal
To clean the air in our region.
Why ? For the health of our families and the future of our economy

To help GABES residents connect the dots between collective behaviors, the air they breathe, their health, their economy, etc., individuals were activated to share links like "Green ideas every were ," to shift their behaviors and to make public commitments.
"GC=F " was created on the insight to Inspire Constructive Engagement – “There is no one company, government organization or individual that can solve our air problem. Everyone needs to be in the clean air game.” –
James Rohr, PNC Bank

Additionally, "GC=F" was created as a branded media campaign and Corporation that brings together unlikely allies to achieve a vital goal.

Be part of the solution
Let's Clean Our Air, Together


Report GABES PA: Science
Report Clearing the Air
The Health Impacts of GABES Air Quality
New Jobs-Cleaner Air Part II: An Investment in Tunisian-GABES Businesses and Tunisian-GABES Jobs
Green tourism
Cultural Tourism in GABES

Green building
Green city
Green technology
Green idea every were

We are glad to invite You to join us in the GC=F Project Team for making GABES Green city .and We are thrilled that you ,and your ideas will be a part of Project GC=F .
The idea of GC=F cooperation was formed in 5 June 2013 in session of brainstorming organizing by The UNYA of Tunisia and JCI GABES to celebrate the world environment day Our Mission is to provide Green development in GABES

We are a nonprofit organization affiliated to Junior Chamber International, a worldwide community of young active citizens between ages 18-40. JCI members contribute to the advancement of the global community by creating positive change.
its organization non-political and non-sectarian youth service organizations. It is an international community of citizens with the aim and purpose of creating positive change in the world and the UNYA are supporting the goals and principles of the United Nations Charter. The organization believes that these changes must result from one taking "collective action to improve themselves and the world around them."
United nation Youth association of Tunisia in GABES
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