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The Music Industry

Descriptions, Examples and the Pros & Cons of 4 main factors in the music industry.

Hannah Roberts-Cossey

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of The Music Industry

BTEC Music- The Music Industry
The Music Industry
Descriptions, Examples and the Pros & Cons of:
Live Performances
Record Companies
Publishing Companies
Artist Management

Live Performances
Live performances are the best way to get your music shown off to the world while you perform. You can have recordings and make CD's but it never has the same feeling as being at a live concert to hear those artists sing and play.

The Pros and Cons
Pros of a live performances
Record Companies
A record label is a business that is associated with marketing and selling music.

Larger record companies are also likely to:
Market new artist
Publishing Music
Enforce copyright on their assets
Develop new artists

There are three major music labels that are well known through out the world.
Universal Music
Sony Music
Warner Music
Here are a few examples of live performances.
Cons of a live performances
The Pros and Cons
Artist Management
The Pros and Cons
Music Publishing Companies
The Pros and Cons
A few pros of record companies:
A pro of being signed to a record company would be the fact it is able to advertise new music worldwide and get a good response.
A few cons of record companies:
By performing your music live you are able to communicate with your fans better which can give you a better reputation.
Another benefit of live performances is you are able to increase your evening income because you can sell the concert tickets, sell merchandise and has VIP slots for people.
Live performances can help you to be recognized by big named brands/ record labels. If you were a local band that went to perform at a bigger gig you might be seen thus increasing the chances of being signed by a big record company like Universal Music.
Arctic Monkeys Live performance of I wanna know.
Dolly Parton performing Jolene at Glastonbury 2014
A school choirs live performance.
Dolly Parton is a very famous country singer who is well known for her songs 9 to 5 and Jolene. Through her live performances she is able to engage with her fans and the audience while she is singing by getting them involved.
Arctic Monkeys are a well known band which engage with their female fans really well when performing. They get the audience to sing along and interact with the songs.
School choir require a lot of time and practice but when they get it right they can put on really good performances that crowds will enjoy
Live performance is arguably the most important part of an artist or band's career. Playing live in front of your audience/fans can be a very exciting experience- Definition
A&P is a very famous management company that is based in London. They are involved with the management of famous artist like Kylie Minogue. They help to arrange her gigs, transport and many other things necessary in the music industry.
A few examples:
21st Century Artist is an artist management company based in New York.
There are management companies located all over the world, some are well known other and not as well known.
Rick Alter Artist Management are another company that are located in Nashville.
A few examples of music publishing companies:
Bluewater Music is a publishing house in Nashville.
Arthouse Entertainment are a music publishing company located in Hollywood.
Carlin America, Inc. is located in New York. It is a well known and large publishing establishment.
Carlin Music, UK is connected to the publishing company Carlin America, so it is worldwide. It is located in London.
BMG Chrysalis Music is located in Los Angeles.
Thank you.
There are some major positives when performing in large arenas such as Wembley and the O2. For when you perform you are being seen by millions of people who have all paid to watch you perform, which is a very good feeling; to know they are there for you.
Whereas when you perform in a smaller arena or local area you still have the satisfaction of performing to an audience and getting your music out there.
Discovering new talent- giving them new and better opportunities that they might not be able to access if they were a smaller record label.
The links between the recording artists and all the other departments can expand the growth and success of the band or artist.
They help to plan the careers of the artists who are signed to the record label,s o they can work out the best ways to make money and give them a good reputation.

They are able to finance their performances and records, so they don't have to put a limit on their funds.
Responsible for all the contracts that are made between the company and the artist. This is an advantage because you are less likely to have trouble with legal cases because they are well-known companies.

As an artist's career develops, responsibilities may grow, and because of their percentage agreement with the band, the manager's income may grow as well. A music manager becomes important to managing the many different pieces that make up a career in music.
One con of performing live is if there are any problems on stage during your performance you can't just stop and start again, like you can if you are in a record studio.
Another would be to do with confidence. For if you aren't very confident when performing and you are at the O2, you can find it very difficult to be thrown in at the deep end, perform in front of millions of people. Whereas performing in front of smaller crowds may never help you over come your confidence issues.
Also people who aren't fans can turn up and ridicule the band. This can damage a band or artists confidence and upset the fans.
Finally I would say that live performances are a lot of work and can be very stressful for everyone involved. Also if problems occur on stage it can effect the whole performance.
So to conclude my research I would say that music now-a-days is very dependent on these four factors and without them we wouldn't be able to appreciate the music we do.
I believe that all these factors have their Pros and Cons but the advantages of these things often far outweigh the disadvantages.
All these factors can help an artist to be successful and reach their potential in the music industry, to bring in money and produce music for world to hear.
In the music industry, a music publisher (or publishing company) is responsible for ensuring the songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially- Definition.
Music publishing companies help to promote new artists music in its chosen genre. It also applies copyright to those albums so that they don't get passed off as another persons work.
Music publishing helps to name those artist that are new to the industry because it will advertise their work in a good light and improve the popularity of those albums or songs.
The job may include: negotiating contracts and fees, finding and booking events and venues that match the artist's career strategy, advising on career decisions, publicity and promotion, helping them on career decisions such as which record producer to work with, or which songs to perform, and managing media -Definition
One good think about artist management is the fact that there are specialized companies that can sort out those things specifically.
Another pro of artist management companies is the fact that it takes the weight of managing things like: Venues, hotels, contacts etc. This can free up the time for the band or artist giving them more time to practice and rehearse.
The Pros
The Cons
Another pro of the management agencies are the fact that they are world wide and have great connection which can make their work really successful.
A con of the artist management industry is the fact that they may take away some of the freedom to choose restricting the control of the artists or bands may possess.
Another would be the fact that there are so many large and well known ones, it might make it more difficult for smaller companies to land better artists.
The Pros
The Cons
A benefit of having publishing companies is the fact that they take care of this like contracts which help the bands and artists to progress in their career.
Another would be the fact that it is able to interconnect the world through all its connection that it makes. Allowing it to use connecting it has made in the past to improve the music publishing in the future.
A disadvantage to publishing companies is it takes the rights of the music and then they belong to that company (though the artist will be paid) . This can take the meaning of writing the music away from the artist but it does bring in money.
Another would be the fact that it pushes out people who are trying to make it into the music industry by themselves. Starting their own businesses or bands and working up towards the top.
A disadvantage to record companies would be that it takes away most of the artists control or say in the matters that concern their music. This can leave the artist feeling left out and a bit like a tool just to make them money.
Another would be the fact that they will push an artist to write things that they know will make them lots of money. Which kind of makes them a bit greedy.
With big recording companies you are likely to find yourself having to fight for attention. for it is big pond and artist are seen as very small fish.
Another problem is you could be working with unfriendly people who are simply in the business for its economic standings, so might not appreciate the things that the artists are trying to achieve.
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