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No description

Rosemary Schnebelt

on 18 August 2016

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Transcript of Sahel

By: Rosemary Schnebelt
Sahel is widely French speaking. The region is the most enviormentally damaged place on earth.
Sahel people live in semiarid region. It is very hot, sunny, and, dry. The hot temperatures to not really vary. They experience very low amounts of percipitation each year.
Deforestation has led to very little timber and straw for traditional roof construction. They spend what little money they have on imported and expensive timber and sheet metal to put a roof over their heads.
1. Sheep
3. Elephants
Background Information
2. Maize
3. Rice
They have adapted to there land because what they wear. They where long clothing kinda like dresses to protect them from the sun and sand
Sahel interacts with there land my farming and raising live stock. They also have deforestation.
music is an essential part of life. Traditionally, it is used to usher the dead into the spirit world

Fulani tales featuring trickster hares are popular throughout West Africa. To survive in the Sahel, the hare thinks like a human. He relies on his cunning and speed to outwit larger and more stupid animals.
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