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The Heroes' Journey: Batman Begins

No description

brian computertech

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of The Heroes' Journey: Batman Begins

by Brian Hung The Heroes' Journey: Batman Begins Bruce Wayne lives in the City of Gotham, a normal American city.When he is 8, he falls down a well filled with bats, and is rescued by his father, but is left a fear of bats.Later, when they attend an opera, Bruce is frightened by the bat-like costumes and asks to leave.When he and his parents exited through an alley, they are confronted by a mugger, Joe Chill, who shoots and kills Bruce's parents.Though the murderer is caught, it traumatizes his childhood.Alfred Pennyworth, takes him into his care. The Ordinary World Refusal to the Call The refusal to the call is when Bruce Wayne returns from Princeton University to kill Joe Chill, but his opportunity is deprived when Falcone, a mob boss, sends a hit man to kill Chill.In his anger, he goes to confront Falcone.From him, he learns he cannot truly learn the underground world as a wealthy person, and abandons life at home to travel the world as a beggar. Supernatural Aid Later, when Bruce is thrown in prison in China for theft,an enigmatic man who identifies himself as Ducard invites Bruce to join an elite vigilante group, the League of Shadows, under the leadership of Ra's al Ghul. Bruce is freed the next day and travels to the top of a mountain to begin his combat training with the League. In his training, Bruce overcomes his fear of bats while under the hallucinogenic influence of a mountainside blue flower. Following his training, Bruce will lead the League in its fight to restore order to Gotham. When Ducard orders Bruce to execute a murderer as a final test, Bruce refuses to obey and destroys the League's headquarters, killing Ra's in the process. However, Bruce rescues an unconscious Ducard from the wreckage and leaves his mentor at a nearby village. Crossing into the First Threshold and the Belly of the Whale 20 years after Bruce's parents death, Bruce Wayne returns to a Gotham City that is mostly ruled by Falcone and begins plotting a one-man war against the corrupt system. He seeks the help of Rachel, now an assistant district attorney, and police sergeant Jim Gordon, who consoled him in the aftermath of his parents' murder. Bruce pays a visit to Gordon one night in disguise to establish communication. After reestablishing his connections to his father's company, Wayne Enterprises, Bruce is able to acquire, with the help of former board member Lucius Fox, a prototype armored car and an experimental armored suit. He augments the suit with League of Shadows armor, and a special cape that can become a rudimentary hang glider. Departure: Initiation: Road of Trials: One night, in his new costume, he disrupts a drug shipment by Falcone, and leaves the mob boss tied to a searchlight, forming a makeshift Bat-Signal. He also disrupts an assassination attempt on Dawes, leaving her with evidence against a judge that has gone soft on Falcone in the past. While investigating the "unusual" drugs in the shipment, Batman is stunned by Dr. Jonathan Crane ("The Scarecrow"), who sprays him with a powerful hallucinogen. Bruce is rescued by Alfred, administered an anti-toxin developed by Fox and awakens two days later on his thirtieth birthday. Crane later poisons Rachel after showing her that the toxin, which is revealed to only be harmful in vapor form, is being piped into Gotham's water supply. She is saved by Batman. The police enter the asylum, and Batman escapes with Rachel in his Batmobile. After administering the antidote to Rachel in his cave, he gives her two vials of it for Gordon; one for the detective to inoculate himself, and another to mass produce for the city's population. The Meeting with the Goddess Rachel is a childhood friend to Bruce Wayne. Rachel's mother worked for Bruce's parents, and the two would often play together on the grounds of Wayne Manor. After Bruce's parents are murdered by Joe Chill, Rachel's mother seeks other employment and leaves Wayne Manor with Rachel. She and Bruce remain close even after he fell in the batcave, but their friendship is never the same. Atonement with Father Later at a party held at his mansion, Bruce is confronted by a group of ninjas from the League of Shadows and his old mentor Ducard, who then reveals himself to be the real Ra's al Ghul, the former who died being a decoy.Bruce, tricking his guests into leaving, fights briefly with Ra's while the League of Shadows set fire to Wayne Manor. Bruce escapes the inferno with Alfred's help just as the manor is destroyed. Batman arrives at the " Narrows" of Gotham to aid the police, who are engaged in battle with psychotic criminals set free from Arkham Asylum by the League. After saving Rachel, and intimating his identity to her, he leaves Gordon in control of the Batmobile to stop the elevated train that is being used to transport the vaporizer to the city's central water hub. The Ultimate Boon Master of Two Worlds Freedom to Live Following the battle, Batman becomes a public hero. Bruce gains control of Wayne Enterprises and installs Fox as CEO, firing Earle. Gordon, newly promoted to lieutenant, unveils a Bat-Signal for Batman and mentions a new criminal that, like Batman, has "a taste for the theatrical", leaving a Joker playing card at his crime scenes. Batman promises to investigate and Gordon mentions that he forgot to thank Batman for his efforts. Batman replies by saying that he'll never have to as he takes off into the night. After saving Gotham from Scarecrow, Bruce Wayne leads of a double life of a wealthy industrialist and of ridding Gotham's crimes. The Crossing of the Return Threshold At night, Bruce becomes Batman, Gotham City's vigilante protector. Rescue from Without Batman battles Ra's, then escapes just as Gordon topples the elevated line using the Batmobile's missiles, leaving Ra's to crash with the train to the ground. Rachel overall dedicates her career to eliminating crime in Gotham City, which made her enemies of Falcone and Dr. Jonathan Crane, Arkham Asylum's chief psychiatrist, who is in Falcone's pocket. Falcone eventually sends two thugs to kill her.She is rescued by Gotham's mysterious vigilante, Batman.Around the same time, Bruce returns to Gotham.As Rachel realizes that her masked savior is Bruce, he leaves to save the remaining innocent bystanders.After the riot was over, Rachel goes to the ruins of Wayne Manor and reconciles with Bruce. Despite their mutual attraction, Rachel decides they can't be together if he is determined to lead a double life. She kisses him goodbye and leaves him,hoping he will come back to her when Batman is no longer needed in Gotham. Women as Temptress Supernatural Aid 2 Fox is a research head and friend of Thomas Wayne who is demoted by Wayne Enterprises CEO William Earle to overseeing the supplies of Wayne Enterprises' aborted research projects and prototypes. Upon returning to the business, Bruce Wayne strikes up a fast friendship which allows him to all but recruit Fox as his armorer for his Batman activities. Fox proves invaluable in this role, even when he is fired by Earle. Among other things, he supplies Wayne with the materials that will eventually become the Batsuit and the Batmobile. In addition, Fox provides the cure for the Scarecrow's fear toxin. During his service to the Wayne family, Alfred became a valued member of the household, Thomas and Martha trusting him with Bruce's guardianship in the event of their demise.After Bruce returned from his training in the League of Shadows, he told Alfred that his goal was to become a symbol to frighten the mobsters and criminals of the city, reasoning that as a man he could be defeated but a symbol would be incorruptible and eternal. Alfred helped Bruce arrange the order of the tools necessary for Bruce to become Batman that he could not acquire from Wayne Enterprises.Also encouraging him to feign a social life to deflect attention from the idea that he could be Batman. When the League of Shadows attacked Wayne Manor, Alfred helped to save Bruce when he was trapped under a beam and rallied him to resume his fight against the League to save Gotham. Supernatural Aid 3 Return:
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