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A Year with a Journey

No description

Alyx Campbell

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of A Year with a Journey

A Sample Guide to a Year with a Journey
OCTOBER - Choose a Journey & do a money earning activity
Girls took home order forms for the Girl Scout Nut Sale and asked their family & friends to support their Girl Scout experience
Attend the Blingin' on the Bronze Event
Take a tour of each Journey by participating in “Try It Out” activities.
Receive the inside scoop on all of the requirements to earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award
Decide as a group which Journey you want to work on for the year and receive a Journey book of your choice.

NOVEMBER - Get Moving: Energize Award
Make an Energy pledge to reduce their energy use in one or more way
Try at least two other Energize Activities suggested along the Journey
Check out how other people are tackling energy issues
DECEMBER - Jeweler Badge
We voted on which It's Your Planet-Love It! badge we wanted to earn as a group.

In December, we attended the Jewelry Designer event at Discovery world to earn the Jeweler Badge
January - Cookie Time!
We completed the Customer Insights badge at our troop meeting

AND we connected the cookie program to our Journey!
MAY - End of the Year
For the end of the year we decided to do a celebration at Camp Winding River by going troop camping. The girls earned it with their cookie money!

We can't wait to plan for our Bronze Award next year, and go to camp this summer!
We made recycled beads
And energizing snacks
We took the energy pledge
And visited the Community Event Provider page on www.gswise.org
We found the Wisconsin Humane Society and learned what happens when pets don't use their energy properly
We made our goal!
The girls decided to go camping in the summer
February - Cookie Booth and Go Red
February was busy! We did a Girl Scout cookie booth. While we were on site, we also got a tour of the store so that we could do our Building Audit.

We also attended the Go Red event. We have been talking this year a lot about eating right and exercising but we had no idea that heart disease was the #1 killer of all women!
The girls had lots of great ideas to help promote their products. The girls made signs, business cards and thank you notes
We learned so much at the Go Red event. The girls can't wait to get started on our patch.
March - Go Red patch and Take Action Project
The girls voted on the activities that they wanted to do in the patch program.
We had a cooking healthy day (and earned the Simple meals badge)
Went to a dance class that we found on the Community Event Provider page for the fitness
Learned about heart disease
The girls decided to combine their Get Moving Take Action Project with the Go Red Pass It On activity since the girls really seemed to be interested in the "personal" side of energy.
The girls held a presentation for the parents about the importance of eating healthy and staying active
April - Detective Badge and Community Service Project
This month we attended the CSI: Mesozoic event at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum to earn the detective badge

We also decided to do a Community Service project to wrap up our year. The girls presented a couple different ideas and then we voted!
The girls must have been inspired by their Journey because they wanted to help plant a garden
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