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Food Choice Analysis.

No description

Megan. Harty

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Food Choice Analysis.

Nutrional Values. Fat: The fat in Trix cereal is considered low for its daily value. The percentage is 2%. There was no Saturated fat, or Trans fat, which is good.

Protein: The protein percentage for this cereal is pretty low,however it does give you some. The protein it contains was 1g.

Carbohydrates: The daily value percentage is 28g, or 9%, which is fairly low for the daily value. The carbs from dietary fiber, sugar, and other carbs.

Sodium: The daily value is 190 g, which is 8% and is a good daily amount.

Calories: 120g. 15g from fat. *The daily value percentage
is based off of a 2,000 calorie
diet. Ingredients. For the most part the ingredients are fairly easy to understand. However one I didn't understand was Tricalcium Phosphate, it is actually a form of calcium salt from citric acid. Trix Cereal. Serving Size. The serving size for this cereal is 1 cup, or 32g, this is not a reasonable amount for most people. On average, people eat about 3x more of this. Evaluation. Overall, this cereal is a pretty good choice to have. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals which are essential to have throughout the day. It has very little fat, and a fair amount of sugar. (11g) This food is good to have every once in awhile. (without Milk)
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