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See-J Consulting

Business Presentation

David Timis

on 2 January 2015

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Transcript of See-J Consulting

About See-J

Glasgow based social enterprise (member of Social Enterprise Scotland), founded in 2012.

We are based in Connect House, a brand new community and business hub in the East End of Glasgow.

Empowering people and strengthening communities through Enterprise, Risk and Creativity.

Promoting enterprise, empowerment and a new way of contributing to society.
Influencing and supporting businesses to bring about improved outcomes for people and communities.
Enterprise that Empowers People & Helps Businesses Come Alive
Community investment will benefit all areas of your business:
Why invest?
Public relations:
 being involved in something meaningful will improve your image and strengthen your reputation.

being socially responsible can add an additional selling point to your product, and can help you attract a large crowd of ethical consumers.

Human resources:
employees prefer working for companies that have some social purpose. Being responsible can help you attract and keep valuable employees.

 studies show that companies having a social purpose can gain significant medium and long term financial benefits.

Why See-J?
Project variety:
we offer easy access to a  variety of investment worthy social and community based projects.

Simple process:
we take over the administrative tasks involved in the venture, including identifying projects and auditing the organization to assure the accurate use of your money.

we will publicize your involvement, award you with a certificate, and support the charities with marketing your involvement. A third-party recognition of your good deeds could considerably boost your reputation.

Trustworthy, local organization:
we are locally based, with a deep understanding of the needs and opportunities of Glaswegian businesses and third sector organizations.

Real competitive advantage:
you will be the only company we work with in your sector!

Current projects
Young Leader Awards
West End, Glasgow
Project costs: £2,500
The project works with young people aged 12-21 from some of the most disadvantaged areas of Scotland.
The young people are engaged in supported volunteering, which develops their transferable skills and raises their self esteem in a fun, enjoyable environment.

You can sponsor the training of 20 young volunteers, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or have difficulties coping with their normal school environment.
This training, linked with a formal SQA approved award scheme, will help the young people gain skills and would support their personal development, while also earning them SQA qualifications, which can boost their CV's.

Community Garden Development
South Side, Glasgow
Project costs: £60,000
The project is a new community garden development in an area with no direct access to such facility.
It also provides opportunities for volunteering, skills and personal development to all members of the local community, while improving the health and well -being of locals through green gym activities, encouraging people to eat a healthier diet, connecting them to nature and improving air quality.

You can contribute to the development of the garden by various amounts, all of which would make some parts of the local green dream a reality
The garden will encourage eco friendliness by promoting “growing your own”, recycling and energy awareness.

Skincare Enterprise
West of Scotland / Ghana - Charity
Increased Products: £10,000
Skincare Enterprise
West of Scotland / Ghana - Charity
Support Worker: £24,000
12 months.

Target group:
15-20 rehabilitated addicts & offenders.


To employ a full-time Community Support Worker.

1. Have in place a skilled worker who can engage with and support clients.
2. Holistic assessment which addresses formal and informal needs of clients.

1. Support people who were previously unemployed.
2. Establish a system for assessing theeffectiveness of the support for clients.

Thank you for your attention!
6 months.

Target group:
10 rehabilitated addicts & Offenders.


Design, package, brand, and launch 8 new carishea products.

1. Increase skill set of 10 clients.
2. Increase of 8 new revenue streams for the charity.

1. Increased skills & confidence for clients to access skilled employment.
2. Advanced income stream for the charity.
A series of studies undertaken by Edelman, the world's largest PR company, show that:
Businesses with a Social Purpose
Businesses Focused on Community Investment
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