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Jess Burton

on 1 February 2016

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Intro To Tesco's

“Tesco's was founded in 1919by Jack Cohen, after serving in the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War. When he was 21 Years old he decided the invest into NAAFI Surplus Groceries and started to sell then on the stall in East End of London.
The first 'TESCO' logo was created in the 1924.

-The first shop opened in 1929
-The first warehouse opened in 1934
-The first 100 branches by 1939
-Tesco's comes to Central Europe in 1994

Tesco aim to become/stay there leading retail supermarket and provide good quality services and products at a low cost so that they are cheaper than their competitors.

These are the top UK Supermarkets-
•Tesco 27.9%
•Sainsbury's 16.6%
•Asda 16.4%
•Morrisons 10.8%
•The Co-operative 6.3%
•Aldi 5.6%
•Waitrose 5.2%
•Lidl 4.4%

As you can see that Tesco's has done there there aim based in the UK.

Tesco's Core Purpose off their website.
Our business was built with a simple mission – to be the champion for customers, helping them to enjoy a better quality of life and an easier way of living. This hasn’t changed. Customers want great products at great value which they can buy easily and it’s our job to deliver this in the right way for them.

That’s why we’ve chosen ‘Serving Britain’s shoppers a little better every day’ as our new core purpose. As a business, serving customers is at the heart of everything we do – from colleagues in our stores to those of us in supporting roles.

In the UK, we serve some 66 shoppers every second, so it’s our goal to ensure every one of those customers experiences just a little better service on each visit.

Project's Tesco's are advertising-
Car insurance
Home Insurance
Motorbike insurance
Travel insurance
Pet insurance
Life Insurance
Health Insurance
Dental insurance

Tesco provide the following credit cards:
CLUBCARD credit card
Bonus credit card
Business credit card

Objective one
- to maximise sales and with doing so increase their profits. If Tesco to maximise their sales the second half of the aim (increase their profits) will happen on its own.
Objective two
– decrease their prices. Tesco aim to make shopping cheaper for the average household. They aim to do this by cutting prices and offering more in store deals. They may have many different objectives in order to reach this aim.
Objective three
– introduce more healthy eating products into the wide range of groceries they supply. The advantage of introducing more healthy living products is that Tesco will; attract many more customers that are interested in healthy eating products, make Tesco an established business four providing healthy eating products.
Objective four
– Tesco aim to develop a large Internet shopping site. Tesco aim to provide groceries, electronics and clothing goods as well as a number of their services online. Tesco are aiming to develop the online shopping experience, if they are successful in doing so they may attract many more customers which will help them achieve objective one.
Objective five
– to provide jobs to their local community. Tesco aim to reduce the unemployment in local areas where Tesco Stores are built.
- It is specific; it clearly states that they have “seen a slight increase of 3.7% in the staff accident rate within distribution” and that they are already taking steps towards tackling this and are confident that they will meet it. They know exactly what there target is and are aiming straight at it.
-It is measurable; Tesco are measuring this with precise figures. They have stated that they seen a “slight increase of 3.7% in the staff accident rate”. This tells me that they are recording accidents and measuring progress. I feel that this is a positive step towards tackling health and safety within the Tesco distribution.
-It is agreed; Tesco will make sure that all the employees of the Tesco distribution will be aware of this aim and what Tesco are doing to achieve the aim. Tesco will make sure that all employees comply with precautions put in place to keep the accident rate low.
-It is realistic; Tesco know that this is a realistic aim because there customer accidents and staff accidents within stores are down by a high percentage. So Tesco realise that it is realistic to be able to reduce injuries within distribution by putting extra precautions in place.
-It is time constraint; Tesco have set themselves a 3 year period in which they want to achieve this aim in. So this means hat the aim is time constraint to 3 years.
Tesco provide personal loans and mortgages.

Tesco provide the following saving accounts:
Internet saver
Instant access savings
Child trust fund

Tesco provide the following services for travel:
Travel insurance
Travel money
Euro car breakdown cover.

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