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No description

Sebastian Farias

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of Spiderman

Call To Adventure
Spiderman/ Peter Parker`s call to adventure is when his uncle Ben had been shot by a mugger and pursues after him. After confronting with the mugger he does not take his full anger out on him and instead is distracted when he sees his familiar face. Peter is distracted and the mugger points a gun at him to the distracted Peter, where he comes back to reality, hits the gun out of his hand , twists his arm and the mugger tumbles back and falls out a window. After seeing what he can do with his powers Peter starts using them for good and from that moment his journey begins.
Crossing the First Threshold
After Peter's Uncle Ben dies, Peter crosses the threshold by hunting his uncle's killer down. This is the first time we see Peter using his abilities to their full potential and his first time encountering a situation that involves real crime and possibly death.
Meeting a Soul Mate
At school Mary Jane was the dream Queen but in the real world, she’s just another girl trying to be an actress having to work as a waitress at some chummy diner. Throughout the rest of the story she will inspire Peter to do protective and heroic acts.
Peter`s main father figure is his uncle Ben who raised and shaped him into the hero he is today, Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) is another one of Peters father figures who provides Peter with anything that he needs, Peter ends up having to fight him upon realizing he is the Green Goblin.
Road Of Trials
Through out the story, Spiderman faces many difficult tasks and trials such as going into a cage match where he learns that he could do so much more with his power. Upon his uncle being shot and killed Peter chases his killer until he is face to face with him, where the thug faces his own demise. Thugs aern`t his only problem, as he has to face his enemy the Green Goblin He sees he is not as strong as him in some battles he has had with him, considering h is a great threat to family, or in general he seeks him out.
Carissa Mazzone, Christian Ubilla, Sebastian Farias, & Diego Rodriguez
Period 1

Peter Parker`s parents were killed in a plane crash when he was four years old, therefore he was raised in Queens, New York by his Aunt May and uncle Ben. Hes a social outcast and considers being bullied and being called a nerd, a normal daily routine. He is also known to some as Spiderman.
Supernatural Aid
Entering the Belly of the Whale
After being bitten by the radioactive spider Peter has some new found abilities consisting of super strength (able to lift more than 10 tons), super speed, spider sense, durability, fighting style, healing, and much more.
Crossing The Return Threshold
After the final battle with the Green Goblin leading to his own demise, with the Goblin gone Peter is returned back to his semi/ normal life... if that life is being a crime fighting spider that is.
Master Of Two Worlds
Peter knows his full capabilities as Spiderman and knows what he has to do with these powers... use them for good. In the almighty words of his late Uncle Ben, "With great power, comes great responsibility". He continues his crime fighting as the Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman.
Spiderman`s first confrontation with The Green Goblin shows just how much of a threat he really is to others. Outwitting him the Goblin flees away yelling "W`ell meet again Spiderman". Being the peson he is, Peter knows he has to pursue this peron, this thing that is causing terror and must put an end to it.
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