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Tomorrows Child

No description

Kyrann Carre

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Tomorrows Child

Ray Bradbury's
Tomorrow's Child

About the Author
Tomorrow's Child
Short Story Terminology Explained
Name: Ray Bradbury
Born: August 22nd, 1920
Died: June 5th, 2012
From: Illinois
is an american fantasy short story written by Ray Bradbury and later turned into a tv series.
Polly and Peter are pregnant, and they cant imagine being parents of a small blue pyramid. They're son Py is born in the fourth dimension and there is no way to get him out. The hospital suggests that they keep Py a secret. When people come over they keep him in a sound proof room. One day Polly gets drunk, and walks Py around the yard, exposing Py to the neighbors. It is then necessary for Py, Peter, and Polly to go to the hospital to figure out what to do with Py. They decide that they can no longer keep him with them. As a family, they all go to the fourth dimension.
basic facts...
In Tomorrows Child, what are/is the conflict(s)?
1. Py is in a different dimention
2. There is no way to get him out of the dimention
3.Noone is suppose to know about Py
4.Have to keep Py hidden, in a sound proof room
5.Polly gets drunk
6.Polly decides to walk outside with Py
What is the Climax in Tomorrow's Child?
the climax is when Polly exposes Py to the neighbors
What is the Denouement in Tomorrows Child?
7. have to go to the hospital
8.have to figure out what to do with Py
9.they cant keep him here anymore
What is the ending in Tomorrows Child?
they decide to go to the fourth dimension with Py
More Terms...
the main idea but not necessarily the subject
the location of a story
Point of View:
the way the author tells the story
The theme in Tomorrows Child is...

unconditional love
--> they love theyre baby no matter what.
In tomorrows child the setting includes:
time- the future, 1989
place- hospital, and their house
In Tomorrows Child the protagonist could be considered
the family. Py, Peter, and Polly
and the antagoinst could be considered the different dimension
In Tomorrows Child, Ray Bradbury uses third person to tell the story
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