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Endangerd Delmarva Fox Squirrel

No description

Shannon Cross

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Endangerd Delmarva Fox Squirrel

Why the
Delmarva Fox
Squirrels are Endangered
Why Does it Matter?

Where the Delmarva Fox Squirrels Live
The Delmarva Fox Squirrels live mostly in Maryland and Delaware.(That is how they got their name) Most of them live in private properties to prevent them from getting killed. Let's make sure that they don't die out :(
Endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrels
Hello everybody! Today we are going to teach you about the Delmarva Fox Squirrels. (Very cute squirrels)
The Delmarva Fox Squirrels
are shy and slow moving. They are also twice the size of an average grey squirrel!
Very adorable
Facts about the Delmarva Fox Squirrels
They are endangered because of cars and other vehicles
They are also endangered because the sea level is rising.

If the Delmarva Fox Squirrels
become extinct it will affect the food chain. Mostly Red Foxes eat Delmarva Fox Squirrels so Red Foxes will REALLY want to eat them.
Some of the Delmarva Fox Squirrel's predators include, Humans, Red Foxes, Minks, Weasels, Raptors, Unleashed Dogs and Cats, Racoons, Opossums, and Rat Snakes.
How we can help :)

Some ways we can help the Delmarva Fox Squirrels are by:

1. Putting up signs saying Endangered Squirrels Crossing

How We can Help :) (Continued)
2. Stop littering: They could get suffocated or sick if they swallow or get trapped in any plastic item.
Thank you
for listening!
Please Help the Delmarva Fox Squirrels :)

- A.W. + M.S.

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