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Military Weapons from 1970 - Present time

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Julio Antunez

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Military Weapons from 1970 - Present time

Military Weapons from 1970 - Present time
The M240 is a Machine gun that was a great production but is ongoing in 2013. It was also used in the Gulf War.
This gun had different fire Selections from 1 round burst, 3 round burst, and fully automatic making it more accurate with less recoil when on 3 round burst.
Rifle R4
In 1982 this Assault Rifle was made in South Africa.
Ingram MAC-10
The Ingram MAC-10 was used in the Vietnam War.
Made in the U.S.A in 1970 by Gordon B. Ingram
Made in 1977
made in 1983 Russian Assault Rifle.
Made to Improve accuracy; less recoil.
Colt M16A4
This assault rifle dates back from the Vietnam war and has improved over the years.
The M16A4 is built to be adaptable to a wide variety of battlelfield roles from having different under attachments and mountings
Raytheon/lockheed martin fgm-148
Production starting in 1996, this missle launcher was made for anti-tank armor. It uses a thermal sight to track the heat signatures.
The AA-12 coming out in 2005 was made unlike other shotguns, this one is fully automatic, no recoil at all, the mag capacity is 32. Range is great compared to other shotguns and can be used in any way, even upside down.
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