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Customer Service Excellence Comeptition

No description

Marwan Abdin

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Customer Service Excellence Comeptition

2nd Criteria: Product Knowledge
1) Brand Understanding ( My Staff knows everything behind our new product ranges & Campaigns. knows the history of our iconic products like F50, Predator...etc)

2) Product Technical Knowledge ( My Staff knows the latest of core technologies in our products like Speedtraxion, Hybrid Touch, Energypulse...etc)

3) My Staff knows the World Cup KITs and adidas Country Team affiliations (Mexico, Spain, ...etc)

Customer Service Excellence Competition

To Improve Overall Retail Performance
What ?

Competition will be conducted during the period of
May - June - July

Both the Store Manager and the Store Staff will be recognized and awarded

Only ONE store will be the winner


1st Criteria: Customer Service
Are you ready to begin?
SHINE CS Focus Model
My Staff is fully complying with the latest Customer Service model of 2014 focusing on :

- Footwear Experience

- Fitting Room experience
Core Customer Service Skills
My Staff is displaying outstanding customer service skills:

- Service Attitude (Tone & Body Language)
- Greeting Customers
- Approaching Customers
- Responding to Questions

The Winner will be determined through
Mystery Shoppers

A series of pulse checks (Phone & Visits)
- Strengthen Product Knowledge
- Boost RP’s confidence in providing a fully
Informative service to customers
- Affects UPT and sales performance.
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