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How Dr.Seuss Showed Perseverance

No description

Cody McDowell

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of How Dr.Seuss Showed Perseverance

How Dr.Seuss Persevered The first way Dr.Seuss
showed perseverance was
when his little sister
Henrietta died He was three when his
younger sister died of
pneumonia. Dr.Seuss did not
stay sad forever. After
a period of time he got
over it, but still had a
feeling that he lost
his sister. Dr.Seuss was being bullied
for his family's background. In 1914 Dr.Seuss was bullied.
He was bullied because his
family had a German background.
Dr.Seuss found a way to block
the kids, and have a great
school year. Now he is one of
the greatest writers in
the world. When Dr.Seuss was in school
he became the editor for
the school Newspaper. Dr.Seuss became the editor
for the school newspaper
when he was in High School. That
was when he began to love
writing. At the time he broke
one of the school rules, so
he was fired from the
newspaper. Dr.seuss did
not let it keep him from
doing what he
loved best. Getting Published! He was rejected a couple of
times but the first time he
was rejected he did not give up on getting
his book published.
After 3 rejections he finally
he got the book published. Dr.Seusses wife dies. Dr.Seuss's first wife Hellen passed away
shortly after they were married.
Hellen inspired Dr.Seuss to write
his books, but when she
passed away his happiness went
out the door. He could have stopped
writing kid books and started
writing sad books about his wife
passing away but he didn't. He found
something else to give him
happiness, and keep writing
funny kids books.. And Thats How Dr.Seuss showed Perserverance. Theodore
He was creative,educated, stronghearted,
& a perfectionist
His siblings are Henrietta Geisel and Theodore Geisel
He was a lover of writing, publishing, & kids
He feels gifted, popular, & happy for himself
He needs publisher's interest, his wife, & more Editors
He gives kid books, publisher books, & kids imaginations
He fears of getting rejected, fans loosing interest, & loosing his second wife
He would like to see his sister, his wife, & a better career
He was a resident of La Jolla, CA
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