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Canadian Landscape Art

No description

Nathan venema

on 17 May 2012

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Transcript of Canadian Landscape Art

The founder of the Group of Seven, Lawren Harris was a legend in the world of Landscape artists. He painted the famous winter scene, as well as the North Shore, and many more paintings. He died in Vancouver in 1970 Fun Fact The Group of Seven Tom Thompson was a member of the Group of Seven until he drowned in a canoeing accident in Algonquin park. In his memory, the park named the lake he drowned in Canoe Lake. Fun Fact The Group of Seven didn't always have seven members. They kept on getting new members, and sometimes losing members, so they were effectively known as the Group of six, and the Group of Eight at various times. Fun Fact To capture the spirit of Canadas north, the artists in the Group traveled to the wilderness to create sketches, and chose the best of them to bring back to their art studio in Toronto to paint The period of Canadian art from 1910 to 1933 is best described as grim.It was a period of time in wich anything European was automatically thought of as superior to anything Canadian. The future members of the Group of Seven refused to accept that. They were the members of the first Canadian movement. The Group of Seven wanted Canadian artists to paint their country in a new way. The group of seven wanted to catch the movement of light in their paintings, but the style that they were using; Impressionism, couldn't capture movement, so the Group swiched to the bolder strokes of post-impressionism and art nouveau. Lawren Harris captured the movement of light well in this picture. hi The Art establishment refused to accept that the Canadian north was a fit subject for landscape art. They said that in Canada, "the sun was too bright, and the colours too harsh to be fit for painting" Lawren Harris created many pieces of art in his lifetime. One of his most famous paintings was First Snow on the shore of Lake Superior. Fun Fact
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