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The Giant Sycamore Tree

No description

Nathan Hancock

on 6 December 2011

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Transcript of The Giant Sycamore Tree

By Nathan Hancock Now, Nathanial had a trusty pet sword fish, whose name was Annabelle. Annabelle could breathe on land as well. You could think that since Annabelle is a girl, that she would be a coward, but, she is the bravest swordfish you will ever meet. Combined Nathanial and Annabelle make an unbeatable team. All seemed well for the dolphin, he was strong, famous, and could breathe on land. But, one day he was walking along the beach, and he saw a Giant Sycamore tree off in distance. He walked over to it and sat down, and soon fell asleep. When he woke up a couple hours later he heard someone, so he called out to this unknown voice. He heard it gasp, and soon the voice came to the side of the tree. The voice belonged to a girl. It was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. (Well, it was the ONLY girl he had seen in his life.) He called her down, and he soon heard things moving around or being bumped into, he could not tell. He wondered what she was doing, but soon she appeared down on the beach with him. He introduced himself and so did she; she said her name was Samantha, Princess Samantha. They stayed and talked for a little bit, but soon Nathanial had to go home. Samantha and Nathanial promised they would see each other again someday. Later on the next week, Nathanial went to see Samantha again. He went to the tree, and called out her name, but instead of Samantha coming out, a mean, old, and ugly hobbit named Chuck came out. Nathanial asked if Samantha was there, and Chuck asked who Nathanial was, so Nathanial told him who he was and explained everything. When he was done Chuck said that he was to never see or speak to Samantha ever again. So Nathanial went home with his head down, feeling sorry for himself. The following day he began creating an evil plan, he would capture Chuck. At night he would come to that Giant Sycamore Tree and capture him in his sleep. Once that would be done he would keep him in a cage on the other side other of the island where he lived. So the next night he set out to do just that. He was out to capture Chuck. The sun had gone down and he called Annabelle and put her on his side with a belt so that he could be hands free. He swam over to the other side of the island and broke into the hobbits house. He grabbed Chuck ever-so-gently, and quickly so that he was back to the house and had Chuck in the cage within half an hour. “I did it” he thought, “I finally did it”. When Chuck woke up the next day Nathanial was waiting for him to wake up. He said “Chuck, I have captured you because you would not let me see your beautiful daughter.” “So I will keep you in here for the rest of your life. But do not worry, I will put a roof over your head and you can have heat, for I am not that mean” Chuck responded sadly with “Fine, if you are going to keep me in here, can you at least let me see Samantha every day for 1 hour?” Nathanial thought about it, and finally said “I suppose I could do that”. So after he had locked Chuck in the cage, Nathanial went to go get Samantha and told her what he had done. Samantha said “Thank you Nathanial, I was getting tired of him always keeping me locked up in my house, I was never able to fully explore this island" Then Nathanial had Samantha get on his back and they took a little swim around the island before they went home The end Disclaimer: This is a fake story. I have used names of my BFF's, but I would never lock Chuck up in a cage. Please read all of the slides And then after this was all done Nathanial decided to retire, and so he let Annabelle go. Occasionally Annabelle still comes around to check and see how Nathanial and Samantha are doing. Once upon a time, on an island in the middle of an ocean named Saskatchewan, there lived a talking dolphin. This dolphin was able to breathe on land. Now, you may be wondering what this amazing creature’s name is. That much I will tell you, but I will not tell you how he can breathe on land, his name was Nathanial. Now, Nathanial may seem like a boring name, but I assure you, he was the strongest and bravest dolphin around.
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