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FIU FBLA-PBL Orientation Meeting

No description

Gedma Estrada

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of FIU FBLA-PBL Orientation Meeting

Louis Castillo - FIU PBL CHAPTER PRESIDENT Future Business Leaders Of America - Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda was founded in 1958 at the University of Northern Iowa. Idea for a business education organization was proposed in 1937 by Dr. Hamden L. Forkner
of Columbia University FBLA-PBL History FIU FBLA-PBL History FIU Chapter was founded in 2007
6 year National awards/recognition count: 39
10 First Place Awards
Three Time, Top 10 Chapter in the Nation
Named Florida chapter of the year THREE times
Awarded 2012 Business Organization of the Year Fall Semester
District V Etiquette Dinner
State Fall Leadership Conference (Melbourn,FL)
Spring Semester
District V Conference
State Leadership Conference (Orlando, FL)
Summer Semester
National Leadership Conference (Anaheim, CA) Conferences District V Etiquette Dinner at FIU
October 29 State Fall Leadership Conference
in Melbourn, FL
November 9-11 District V Leadership Conference
in Broward College State Leadership Conference
in Orlando, FL
March 21-24 National Leadership Conference
Anaheim, CA
June 22-25 Gedma Estrada - State Officer Representative Competition - 100 question assessment Objective Exams Skills Competitions -100 question assessment & field performance sample FOUR DIFFERENT TYPES OF COMPETITION Technical Skills Performances -Ex. Creating a website, Digital Video Production, Network Design Performance Presentations -Ex. Accounting Analysis & Decision Making, Finance Analysis & Decision Making, Emerging Business Issues, Job Interview Accounting and Finance Competitive Event Categories - Accounting Analysis & Decision Making
- Accounting for Professionals
- Accounting Principles
- Financial Analysis & Decision Making
- Financial Concepts
- Financial Services Advertising and Sales - Sales Presentation Career Related - Future Business Educator
- Future Business Executive
- Job Interview Communications - Business Communication
- Business Presenation
- Client Services
- Impromptu Speaking
- Public Speaking Computer Software - Computer Applications
- Database Design & Application
- Desktop Publishing
- Word Processing Economics - Economic Analysis & Decision Making
- Macroeconomics
- Microeconomics Hospitality Management - Hospitality Management Human Resource Management - Human Resource Management Legal - Business Ethics
- Business Law
- Justice Administration Management/ Marketing - Business Decision Making
- Emerging Business Issues
- Free Enterprise Project
- Information Mangement
- Integrated Marketing Campaign
- International Business
- Management Analysis & Desicion Making
- Management Concepts
- Marketing Analysis & Decision Making
- Marketing Concepts
- Project Management
- Retail Management
- Small Business Management Plan
- Statistical Analysis
- Strategic Analysis & Decision Making Sports and Entertainment - Contemporary Sports
- Sports Management and Marketing Technology - Computer Concepts
- Cyber Security
- Digital Video Production
- Help Desk
- Network Design
- Networking Concepts
- Telecommunications
- Web Site Design Other - Community Service Project
- Local Chapter Annual Business Report
- Parliamentary Procedure Amber Rolle - Vice President of Community Service Community Service FIU PBL Community Service Focus for 2012-2013: Keep Calm, Remain Strong! - Raffles
- Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk
- Mission Education Tent
- Colors of the Cure Benefit Goal: Raise Money & Spread Awareness State Community Service Project National Community Service Project Albert Amaya - Intern Vice President of Membership Membership LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES executive Board Positions Available: - Executive Vice President
- Vice President of Competition
- Vice President of Professional Development
- Vice President of Fundraising
- Vice President of Membership
- Vice President of Public Relations
- Vice President of Marketing
- Secretary
- Treasurer * If interested, email FIUFBLAPBL@gmail.com and request an application.
** Elections meeting will take place September 13th Leadership Opportunities Committees: - Community Service
- Free Enterprise
- Business Olympics Gedma Estrada - State Officer Representative Public Relations Letter from President Rosenberg Email from President Rosenberg to the ENTIRE FIU family! WE ARE ON THE FIU.EDU BANNER!!!!! Roxana Garcia - Vice President of Special Events Special Events Volleyball Social with ALPFA & AMA Contact information:
786-484-5029 Eric Semino - Intern Treasurer Membership Benefits $25 - State & National Dues Chapter Dues Breakdown + $25 - Personal PBL Account + $10 - Chapter Shirt = $60 - Annual Dues Yegor Nadvornyy - ALPFA President ALPFA Partnership PBL Membership Dues + $30 =
ALPFA/PBL Membership FIU BUsiness Toastmasters Miguel Chateloin - Webmaster Website What's on there? FIUFBLA-PBL.COM - Chapter news
- Downloadable forms
- Descriptions for competitive events
- Chapter Bylaws
- Competition dress code
- Officer contact information
- Your own personal profile when you register
- AND MORE! You can sign up for text message updates for chapter events. Why Should I register for the website? IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD! You get your own "profile" page which will SOON enable you to... - Track your competition stats
- Track what events you've been to
- Give you recognition online with a reward system whenever you do something awesome In time, we may use your profile to help companies find you for recruitment. (YAY! Job opportunities!) WEBMASTER@FIUFBLA-PBL.COM Question, feedback, ideas, compaints: (Write it down. It's okay, I'll wait.) fiufbla-pbl.com Newsletter - Communication to the members Yanyn San Luis Chapter Advisor FIUFBLAPBL@gmail.com
www.FIUFBLA-PBL.com Thank you for coming out! First General Meeting: Thursday, September 13th at 7:30PM Location is TBA Stay tuned on Twitter/Facebook
Twitter: @FBLAPBLatFIU
Facebook: FBLA-PBL at FIU Dress code: Business Casual For more information on competition please contact: gestr003@fiu.edu
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