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Jasmine Smith

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Science

An Investigation on how light affects plants' growth
1. Find a place where your plant grows and measure the light level
2. Put down your quadrat and select a few random squares (at least 5)
3. Count the number of plants in those squares and work out the average
4. Find more places with different light levels and write down your results
The aim of this study is to measure the density per unit area of a certain kind of plant in different light conditions.
We predict that the higher the light intensity, the better the plants grow.
Plants are living organisms that need water, air and light to grow. Light gives plants energy so it allows photosynthesis to happen.
Independent Variable
Controlled Variables
Dependent Variable
-Light Intensity
Change it by changing location of quadrat / experiment
- Light Probe
- Pen and Paper
- Quadrat
-Type of plant
Investigate a plant that is easier to identify.

Don't change the dimensions of the quadrat

-Person Counting
If different people counted, there will be different ways of counting. Which would make the results unreliable

-Person measuring the light intensity.
If different people measured it, the results wouldn't be sufficient because people measure it in different ways
The Equation of Photosynthesis is as below:

CO2 + water glucose + O2

When it's day time, the plants undergo a process called Photosynthesis which Carbon Dioxide and Water react and convert light energy, normally from the sun, into Chemical energy, that is, glucose. Therefore, without sunlight it is impossible for Photosynthesis to happen. Thus, plants with less sun light exposure would produce less energy for their growth.
In conclusion,the data shows that our predication is correct and that the higher the light intensity, the plants exposed to, the more the plants grow in a certain area.
Thank You :)
Line Graph
Through out this science investigation, we made mistakes as a group.

1. We should have took account of the other conditions of the land. This is because the various locations we moved had different conditions and made our results unstable. eg moisture of soil.

2. We counted the number of plants insufficiently. This is because we estimated some of the plant population in one square, confused the type of plant we were counting and since the population is great, we might have miscounted the actual number in the square. We should have made sure about the type of plant we were counting and find a plant that is easier to identify.
The results shows that places with more light has more plants growing. As you can see in the average data, when the sunlight intensity is 5535.22 the average plant number is 3186. However, when the Sunlight intensity is only 717.79 the average plant number is 400. The highest sunlight intensity and the lowest sunlight intensity has a big difference in their average plant number and that is 2876. There are some errors in the result, but they will be listed later.
The line graph clearly shows that the higher the light intensity, the plants exposed to, the more the plants grow in a certain area. This is because light is a very important element in the growth of a plant. Without light there will be no life because a living things need the help of light to live. So light is extremely important. So this proves that when there is more light there is more likely to be more living things. Therefore, the higher the light intensity, the plants exposed to, the more the plants grow in a certain area.
The line graph clearly shows two lines, one line is the average plant number and the other line is Linear. The data shows the line has a really curvy pattern, this is because the results had difference. The line starts off a little high then goes back down, after it continuously goes up in a very odd line shape. The Linear demonstrates the averaged of the average plant number. As you can see, it is a positive correlation, which clearly indicated that when the light intensity is higher the more plants grow in a certain area.
Number of plants growing in different light conditions.
By: Jasmine and Sherry
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