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Andre Duran

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Bullying

Types of Bullying
Verbal Bullying
Verbal bullying happens when a bully insults the victim through name-calling, teasing, homophobic or racist comments, gossiping etc. Verbal bullying can happen anywhere, and is as bad as physical bullying and in most cases has serious consequences. Bullies commonly do this to defame the victims and be popular. If you think Physical bullying is much worse, you should think that they are both as bad and approximately 19'000 students attempt to commit suicide every year because of verbal bullying.
Social bullying is another serious matter. If verbal bullying doesn't happen to you, most likely you'll face social bullying. Social bullying happens when a group excludes a person from their group or humiliates other people by embarrassing comments and or pushing the person when they suddenly meet. Social bullying also involves mobbing on the victim and sticking sticky notes on someone's back with written insults.
Teen Health Issue
What is Bullying?
By: Andre Duran
In today's society, bullying is not a rare experience and a typical teenager will either be bullied or witness someone being bullied. Bullying happens when someone does aggressive behavior to gain superiority, fame, and use the strength to intimidate a victim of doing or not doing something. Bullying happens most to teenagers and is not very surprising to hear that a lot of teens are getting bullied, based by ''Canadian Bullying Statistics" survey of 2011-2012 report that 73% of students have been bullied before. And 1 in 3 report to have been bullied. There are 4 types of bullying, physical, verbal, social and cyber-bullying. Bullying happens anywhere, anytime so if you're a victim, don't tolerate anymore.
There are 4 types of bullying
Physical bullying happens when someone use physical force to harass, intimidate or force the victim to do something the bully commands. This involves shoving, punching, throwing things, destroying the victims possessions, unwanted sexual touchings etc.
Physical Bullying
Cyber-Bullying happens when someone uses online and text messaging to insult, harass, gossip, breach personal information, and put-down the victim in a hostile matter, the bully usually capitalize the sentence and uses bad words and exclamation marks to harass or threaten the victim. Intimidation is also widely used by bullies to intimidate or force you to do or not to do something. A report from Canada Statistics shows that 1 in 10 Canadians have been cyber-bullied in social-media sites. Did you know that 90% of parents supports a law to make it completely illegal for electronics to be used as an accessory for cyber-bullying. One example of cyber-bullying is what happened to Amanda Todd, she committed suicide in October 10 2 years ago because of hatred and harassment she was facing online.
Effects on teens
Teenagers who are victims of bullying will be deeple affected physically and emotionally. They will have visible bruces around their body, their mental state will be even more affected. Teens who are bullied daily will developed depression and anxiety, they're social life will be affected and they will be less active and tend to isolate themselves from everyone, including there own family members. Teenage bullying can increase the chances of victims self-harming themselves and unfortunately committing suicide is also a factor. The victims will be most likely to be traumatized and live their life differently. Their education and grades will significantly drop and will skip school.
A 2013 report shows that 8% of teenagers are victims of cyber-bullying, that's 1 in 10 teenagers. Another report shows that between 6-12 percent of teens in grades 6-10 have been bullied once a week or more. 9 out of 10 LGBT teens have been bullied.
Teen Suicides
Over the years many bullied teenagers have attempted suicide, in the US at least 1 of 12 bullied teens have attempted suicide. One teen suicide case has got the attention news media and has dominated national headlines and that's the case of Amanda Todd. Amanda Todd was just 15 when she committed suicide by hanging herself, this was second attempt and it was successful for her. But the first time she attempted she drank bleach but didn't worked and this prompted allover social media sites and the bullying got even worse. Just before she committed suicide she made a suicide note video stating her experiences, in October 10 she was pronounced dead in her home after hanging herself.
Anti-Bullying Efforts
Bullying has taken over teenagers lives and is becoming normal in some schools where bullying always happen. Bullying is not part of the school system. We already have school to worry and we have no time for bullying. Remember we shouldn't tolerate it anymore. If you're a bystander, don't. Report it! If you're the victim stand up for yourself and report to an adult. Also try being with a group because bullies only target for teens who are lonely and cant stand up for themselves. There has been a lot of anti-bullying efforts around Canada and the US. For bullying awareness day all students and teachers are expected to wear pink in support of anti-bullying day.
Bullying Facts
-Over 19'000 students attempt to commit suicide every year
-Canada is ranked 9th in world with the highest rate of bullying.
-1 in 3 teens reported to have been bullied.
-More than 160 000 students skip school because of bullying.
-A lot of students, at least two thirds believe the school responds to bullying poorly.
-Two thirds of students believe that adult help is ineffective and useless.
-more girls in groups bully more than boys do.
-Students report that only 25% of teachers intervene with bullying.
-100 000 students carry a gun to school.
-Demi Lovato has been bullied when she was a teenager.
All of us always wonder why bullying even happens and why do bullies bully. There are major reasons why teenagers bully others and no matter who you are or what you are you are always vulnerable to being a bully or getting bullied. Teenagers who bully commonly bully other peers because they have low-self esteem and by bullying they feel superior and feel good about themselves. Bullies usually seek for attention so victims who overreacts are easy targets. Other reason is because they are jealous of what they have so they tend to depend on bullying to compensate. Teenagers who bully other people bully because they have a bad background, don't receive love and respect from family members and because they're lives are sad and miserable. Some common reasons why they bully is because the bully themselves are insecure and has no friends so they try to be popular. Usually bullying happens because of inequality among teens and because bullies are unpopular and unwelcome. Another major reasons why teenagers get bullied is because of their sexual orientation, this is called homophobic bullying. In today's society many LGBT teens (Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender) are harassed and discriminated simply because of their sexual orientation.
The End
thanks for watching :)
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