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Alysia Guzman

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Lipids

What are Lipids?

Saturated fats originate form animal sources and are solid at room temperature.

Non-sasturated fats originate form plants and they are liquid at room temperature.

Fatty acids with one double bond are Monounsaturated, while those with two or more bonds are polyunsaturated fatty acids.
These modified triglycerides have one of the fatty acid chains replaced by a phosphate group.

They have a no polar fatty acid chain and a phosphate polar portion.

Two layers of Phospholipids from the chief component of cell membranes.

Lipids are molecules that are insoluble in water.

Three examples of Lipids are neutral fats, phospholipids, and cholesterol.

Where do Lipids originate from?
The cholesterol molecule has four interconnected carbon rings.

Neutral fats
Have a non-polar fatty acid chain portion and phosphate polar portion cell membranes.

Stores energy fuel insulates body tissues and cushions and protons organs.
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