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Inspiring Tech Tools for Teachers

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Gabriela Duaigues

on 24 May 2014

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Transcript of Inspiring Tech Tools for Teachers

Inspiring Tech Tools for Teachers

Saturday 17Th May
@ Teacher Tools.
@ The Flipped Classroom.

Saturday 31st May
@ Tech Tools to enhance speaking and listening.
@ Tech Tools to enhance reading and writing.

Saturday 14th June
@ Tech Tools to enhance collaboration.
@ Tech Tools to enhance visualization.

The Flipped Classroom
“Flipping the Classroom” for Language Learners

Flip teaching is a form of blended learning which encompasses any use of Internet technology to leverage the learning in a classroom, so a teacher can spend more time interacting with students instead of lecturing. This is most commonly being done using teacher-created videos that students view outside of class time. It is also known as backwards classroom, reverse instruction, flipping the classroom, and reverse teaching

The theoretical framework of the flipped model seems to be especially ideal for language learners. The reasons are many, including:
1. While watching a video at home, the students can work at their own pace and repeat video as many times as necessary for them to take detailed notes or to go back to anything they may have missed. This process naturally and efficiently facilitates differentiated instruction that would usually take more time for the teachers to do in the classroom.

2. The visual content capabilities of a video enhances language learning better than static textbooks.

3. When language learners are given more opportunities to interact with their peers in class, the learners will have authentic language experiences that will improve their proficiency dramatically

The strongest criticism of this model is the unequal accessibility of technology for learners. However, the idea of previewing lesson material prior to class and actual face-to-face class time being used to practice what they learned is the key idea behind flipping, not necessarily the tools in which this is done. Although technology is an important component of the flipped model, it is by no means absolutely indispensable.

Find videos that can connect to your "traditional" lessons.
DIY! Create your own videos/vodcasts using webtools.
Teacher Tools
Learning Apps:

create various multi-media online exercises.
Quiet Tube:

watch You Tube videos without any onscreen distractions.
You Tube:

create You Tube playlists and retrieve videos easily.
Classtools/ Quizlet:
create educational games and activities.

create video emails or video messages.
Google Drive:

personal cloud storage service from Google that helps users store and synchronize digital content across computers, laptops and numerous mobile devices.
Learning Apps
It lets you and you students create a number of interactive quizzes.

Quiet Tube
Watch You Tube videos without any onscreen distractions.
My You Tube Channel
Create your own account and your playlists, and retrieve videos easily.
Alternatives to You Tube:
Class Tools
www.classtools.net/ http://quizlet.com/

Lets your students create educational content and games. Both tools are ideal to begin or conclude a lesson.
Some typical challenges in the traditional world language classroom include:
diverse learning styles and levels --> need for different pacing
having sufficient contact time with each student; allowing each student time to produce language during class
the struggle to maintain target language use, even during complicated grammar or culture lessons
Hey, teacher, tell me what to do!

You can create video emails or video messages.
Google Drive
- Choosing two ideas/ tools from each class you will plan 3 classes in which you can include the tools that apply for your teaching objectives.

Remember Tech Tools are available to help us, not to be the centre of our classes. Our STUDENTS are!
Google Drive could become your centralized storage vault for all your documents on the cloud. Google Drive automatically becomes the home for all your Google Docs.
Connect moreApps.
Thank you
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