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The Christmas List

No description

Matthew Thomas

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of The Christmas List

The Christmas List App Contents Company identity
Summary of concept evaluation report
Strategy and positioning
Final product offering
Financial analysis
Launch Plan
Future developments VeryAppy Key Take Outs Set up by four graduates in 2010
Successfully developed two apps
The Christmas List is the latest in the portfolio. Company Information External factors of app market Strategy and Positioning Outline of Final Product Future Developments Thank you for listening! VeryAppy App market is worth £476M in 2012 in UK
High competition Outcome of screening Strategy Positioning Launch Plan Product Place Promotion Price • Product extension strategy such as:

• Introduce IP protection Evaluation and Control Monitor/Supervision of Launch Stage

Comparison of budgeted to actual figures About the Application Modernisation of a Christmas List
Scan whilst shopping, add URL's whilst online
Send to a preselected list of family and friends through email and app to app

Product life cycle segment targeting Application to be ready and tested, for launch on Android and Apple stores, on 1st September 2014
Free app. which includes adverts
Premium app, no adverts, £1.19inc. VAT
Adopting psychological princing strategy Pull
App magazine Why The Christmas List?

Lowest competition
Highest return time on investment.
Highest marketing capability Worth £526M (2012)
Up 146% from 2011

The Christmas Kraze
Social Shoppers
Gift Givers Competition Segments Better Christmas List
Christmas Gift List Planner
Free Christmas List Three methods used
Quantitative and qualitative Outcome Payback

Break even

Sensitivity analysis Mobile Advertising Communication ability Price Barcode scanner
Email function Free Development proposals To achieve 70,865 downloads by September 2015 18,000 followers target - 31st Dec 14 15,000 views by 30th Nov 2014 Push
Launch party Profile
Sponsorship To set a two tiered pricing strategy, across both the Android and Apple stores when the app is launched on the 14th September 2014 £55K Development Financing Revenues Third Party Advertising 15% Commission on sales
£2.66 per 1,000 views Premium Upgrade Premium version without adverts (£1.19 Inc. VAT) 64,800 downloads Y1
72,080 downloads Y2
Payback 24 months
£175K Net Profit Before Tax Sensitivity Analysis Assumptions Financial Viability Analysis 70,865 units Breakeven Point If sales through app 40% lower...
If costs 90% higher... ..still break even Each user will visit app 5 times a month
Average gift price of £10
5% of users will upgrade Innovators/ Early adopters Early majority Late majority Laggards Trott (2011) Flowchart Outsourced App development
License barcode scanner App Birthdays Urban and Hauser (1993) Anniversary Baby Showers Valentines day Weddings By Mark Shead, Alex Smith, Matthew Thomas and Jack Whittle
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