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Steve the Square Amazing Math Journey.

No description

brian duggan

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Steve the Square Amazing Math Journey.

Steve the Square Amazing Math Journey.
Back to Square Village
Chris the Circle took us back to Square Village on his submarine.We saw sharks,seahorses, and we saw one electric eel.It took so long to get there.We saw a scuba diver that was a trapezoid and looked like Tyler the Trapezoid.We finally got there.
Henry the Hexagon is Surprised
Square Song
Henry the Hexagon is coming!
We get to Henry the Hexagon's house
The Airide Begins
Tyler the Trapezoid and I get on the airplane. The pilot said the ride to Hexagon World was going to take 5 hours. In the airplane I looked at the window and I saw The Pentagon. A Pentagon has five sides and five vertices We saw Henry the Hexagons dad Tappy the Trapezoid on the plane. I went over to talk to him why he was on the same plane to Hexagon World. He said he was going to surprise his son at his house.
About Me
My Adventure Begins

Hi my name is Steve the square. I have four sides and four vertices.I have four angles. I live in Square Village. I am 21 years old.
My adventure begins when my friend and I get a taxi cab to go to the airport. My friend Tyler the Trapezoid and I are going to surprise Henry the Hexagon for his birthday. We got to the airport and payed the cab driver. We get on the airplane and the company name is "We are rectangles bump bu bump buta bump bump bump".
We ask Henry the Hexagon's dad if he could drive us to his house. He said sure and we got in the car. Henry the Hexagon's dads car was shaped like a Hexagon. It took two hours to get to Henry the Hexagon's house.When we got to the house Henry the Hexagon called his dad and said he was going to be there in a hour. We only had one hour to set up.
Henry the Hexagon's dad had to put up the decorations. Tyler the Trapezoid and I went to go get the cake.He is turning 19.Henry the Hexagon was going to be there in 30 minutes. We went back to the house and it was filled with people.Someone said he is coming.He was very surprised.
Henry the Hexagon was really surprised.He couldn't believe how many were there.There were circles,squares,triangles,and trapezoids.He had so many presents on the table.He was turning 22.We wished him happy birthday.We ate pizza and cake and we left to go back to Square Village.
The Accident
When we were going to the airport we got into a lot of traffic.All of the cars were in the shape of rectangles.It took us a hour to get out of the traffic.We were late for the flight.We just made the flight,but when we got off we weren't in Square Village we were in Circle Town.We asked a guy named Chris the Circle.He said yes and he would take us back to Square Village.
When we got there we thanked Chris the Circle and he went back to Circle Village.Tyler the Trapezoid didn't know how to get home.Trapezoid Village is two days away.Oh know another adventure to Trapezoid Village,but we will save that for another day.
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