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Running out of time Summaries for Chapters.

No description

Margo Shafer

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Running out of time Summaries for Chapters.

The End
Chapters 1-25
Chapters 1-5
Chapters 6-10
In these Chapters Jessie found the secret manhole her mom told her about. Once she got down the manhole Jessie went through the door and never noticed that it locked behind her. Which meant that there was no way she was trying to get back through that door. So Jessie explored a little more through the empty corridor and then she saw 2 guards standing in front of the exit. When she walked a little farther then she made a noise with her shoe then she froze. She started to silently walk down the other side of the corridor. Then she found a dark place at the end of the corridor. The the guards turned on the lights. She was in deep trouble. "They were going to find her," She thought. After all of that she found her way to the bathroom. In the morning Jessie woke up to people talking and she then realized this was why her mother wanted her to get to the restroom. It was so she could blend in with the other teenagers coming to tour Clifton. So once she got out of the bathroom she went into the bigger room where she saw the guards last.
Chapters 11-15
In these chapters Jessie was still getting the hang of things she finds a big "stagecoach" or a bread truck. The truck had a name on the side of it, "Flavor Best." When the bread man was talking to one of the workers she ran for the door of the truck. She made it in safety in time for her to not be seen by either of them. In the truck she was shocked at how fast the vehicle was going. She thought it would never stop. After a while she got out of the truck and went into a ditch and waited until the truck left. Then she went over to a river she thought it was connected to a river that flows into Clifton. She was right about to drink from it when a man came up to her and started to yell at her to stop beacause the water was "poison"
Chapters 16-20
She walked a little farther when two boys came up to her in their car and started to ask her questions. Then they got out of the car to make her get in. They also thought that she was a hitchhiker and needed a ride. Then she asked them a few questions like if the building near them was Indianapolis. They told her that it wasn't Indianapolis it was Waverly. They scared her so she ran off to a KFC. Then she asked where the phone was and if it was really Waverly. Turns out those boys weren't totally crazy. Then when she tried to call Mr. Neeley again yet this time he answered.
Chapters 21-25
In these chapters Jessie calls a news conference and sits on the capital steps waiting for them. Meanwhile all of the camera crews and news people came waiting for the person who called in. Then they asked Jessie if she had seen anyone who could have started a new conference. She said that it was her who called in the news conference. Everyone laughed but let her tell her story. She told them that there was a sickness going around in Clifton called diphtheria and the man behind it all, Miles Clifton, was doing nothing about it. They believed her but wanted to make sure she was really from Clifton. So they made her prove herself by saying the presidents from which she had learned in school. After she said them all she fainted and they believed her even more. Then she woke up in the hospital next to her sister Katie. Jessie asked if anything happened while she was gone. Katie said that they brought all of us here after they stormed in. She also said that two people had died. Then Later in the story Jessie and her family went back to Clifton to pack up all of their stuff and move to the big city.
Running Out of Time: Summaries for Chapters
By: Margo Shafer
In the Chapters listed above there was a 12 year old girl named Jessie Keyser. She lived in 1840 in Clifton Village a place were everyone goes about their daily business. When all of the sudden a sickness called diphtheria entered the town. They have no way of stopping the sickness. By the day more and more children are getting sick. They need some modern day medicine for the diphtheria crisis. So Ma (or Jessie's mother) wanted to talk to her about the crisis at a secret place. Ma told Jessie the truth about Clifton and the world outside. The truth was that the world outside was really 1996. And the reason that all of the places you are not allowed to go to is because Mr. Clifton wants you to find out the truth about Clifton.

She eventually got out of the Clifton tourist site and out to the real world. In her side of the story the real world was so weird. Nothing was the same in Clifton. Then she realized there were only a few trees around or grass that she could see. There were just little splotches of grass and trees everywhere not a lot just a little.
Chapters 6-10 continued
Chapters 11-15 Continued
This freaked out Jessie so he went to a gas station a little while away. When she got there she got a papaya fruit drink. Which she got because of the pretty color. Then she asked the cashier where the phone was. She tried and tried and tried but couldn't get through to Mr. Neeley. Then she started to walk a little ways and thought she saw Indianapolis.
Chapters 16-20 continued
This time she told Mr. Neeley all about the crisis in Clifton. Also how people could die from the sickness and Mr. Clifton is doing nothing about it. Mr. Neeley then said that he was coming to pick her up right away. After he picked her up he asked her a lot of questions like if she knew what a radio was. When they got to his apartment he asked even more questions. Stuff about if she knew what a TV was. So later in the evening she went into "her" room to rest and close her eyes. She couldn't go to sleep when she heard a voice in the distance it was Mr. Neeley. She heard him talking on the phone with someone that they would be there soon. When they got there Mr. Neeley said that Jessie was in a room asleep. The people who came in asked Mr. Neeley, "What have you done or showed her." He responded saying I showed her a radio an TV. They were stunned and asked, "Why did you do that?" "I needed to see if she knew what it was," Mr. Neeley said. Also after that conversation Mr. Neeley said sh has seen to much and needs to be killed. She then ran back into the room yet she fell and hit her head on the bed when she ripped over he boot. The next day she woke up with huge headache. Then she tried to open the door yet it was locked. She knew that she had to get out of there before Mr. Neeley came into the room to kill her. So she looked around to try to find a way out of that room. Luckily there was a window that was open, so she climbed out and onto a ledge. Next Jessie fell onto a bush just a few feet under her. Then, sheran and ran as far away as she could. When she ran into a woman at a bus stop. The woman was really nice and told Jessie what a news conference was and how tp start one. Then the bus stopped and Jessie got off.
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