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Shy'Lah and Alexis

No description

lib hist

on 24 August 2017

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Transcript of Shy'Lah and Alexis

James McCloughan
Mary Edwards Walker
By Shy'lah and Alexis
Born in the United States.
Both in the Army
Both attended college
Both in the medical field
Both are married
Both were teachers
Fought in the Civil War
Awarded by president Andrew Johnson
The first ever women to get the Medal Of Honor
Born in 1800's
She died in 1919
Fought in the Vietnam War
Awarded by president Donald Trump
Is a man
Born in the 1900's
He is still alive
I think James McCloughan showed valor by going into open fire, risking his life to save ten soldiers despite several injuries himself. He refused evacuation until he saved them and showed true courage and selflessness.
I think Mary Edwards Walker showed true citizenship by being the only women ever to receive the Medal Of Honor. She volunteered herself to join the Army and help in battle.
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