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Intercultural communication

No description

Elizabeth Woock

on 24 January 2018

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Transcript of Intercultural communication

Building awareness
Diversity with Snéha Khilay
What were the tips that Snéha gave?
Do any of them remind you of something that you heard or talked about during the Wednesday and Thursday lessons of this course?
Can you think of any other tips?

Snéha's Tips
- Observe and mirror behavior
- Appreciate differences
- Don't assume that one person will behave like the larger culture
- Be patient
You will be assigned a dialogue. Please practice it with your partner. You will perform the dialogue in front of the class :)
Bystander intervention
Now, make you're own dialogue!
Choose any one of the phrase banks.
Think up a conflict related to attitudes, beliefs, values, perceptions, manners, habits or appearance.
You can have a situation that goes well, or badly.
You can have one, two, or no active problem solvers in the dialogue - it's up to you.
Behind closed doors
We are going to practice stepping into problem solving mode :)
Intercultural communication
in practice!
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