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"Live" Pathfinder on Bullying

This pathfinder was created for an assignment at KSU's SLIS Library Materials and Services to Young Adults class.

Rebecca Buryanek

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of "Live" Pathfinder on Bullying

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr Welcome! Please press play to explore. Pathfinder on Bullying "Bullying is when someone hurts or scares another person repeatedly."
Source: http://www.stompoutbullying.org Quick Facts Examples of Bullying Name calling
Spreading lies and bad rumors
Physical violence
Stealing or damaging personal property
Making threats
Sending mean texts, emails or electronic messages
Posting bad pictures or messages on someone's website
Hacking into someone's online account These books can be an
excellent source to
find out more
about bullying Books about Bullying Inside this book you will find information
about the impact of bullying on both the
victim and bully. You will also find many
answers to your questions about
bullying. These titles contain true facts or stories about bullying Non-Fiction
Teen, Olivia Gardner, was a victim of bullying
for two years. Two teenage girls from a neighboring
town heard about Olivia's story and started a letter
writing campaign to lift her spirits. This book
contains many of those letters and also
examines bullying in the U.S. Found on a shelf at your library
under the Dewey decimal number
302.34 G175I Found on a shelf at your library
under the Dewey Decimal Number
371.58 W729b Found on a shelf at your library under the Dewey Decimal Number
302.3 D347 Dear Bully is a collection of stories written by teen authors. They share their experiences with bullying. Fiction Eric just moved to a new school and decides
to make friends with Griffin. As he gets to
know Griffin he realizes that he is
liar, bully and thief. Can Eric
remain friends with Griffin? Read short stories
about the experience
of being bullied. Leverage is the story
of Danny, a high school
gymnast, who is bullied.
Danny witnesses a terrible
act of violence and has
to decide if he will speak
out against it. 13 year old Butterball gets in trouble for beating up a kid at recess. Now, he is forced to see the school therapist. Will Butterball remain a bully or change? Regina used to be popular. Rumors have been spread about her and she was kicked out of her clique. She now faces the bullying from her once friends. Tsukushi is a target for abuse
by the F4 gang and the entire school.
When she fights back, the leader
of the F4 gang finds himself
falling for Tsukushi. Websites The following bubbles will
feature some movies
about bullying. Movies Cyberbully Mean Girls Karate Kid Bully Elephant The following are apps that can be
used to stop or prevent bullying. Apps This android app has features that allow you to block bullies from calling you and also can report texts, messages or emails as documentation for bullying. Check this app out. See if you could get your school to participate. Stop Bullies http://stopbullies.appddictionstudio.com/ http://cyberbullyapp.com/ Cyber Bully This iphone app will allow a person to record and take pictures to document a bullying incident and will be able to report it. Bully Button http://www.optimizedapps.com/bully-button.html These two organizations exist
to prevent bullying. Organizations Address:
220 East 57th Street
9th Floor-Suite G
New York, NY 10022-2820


www.stompoutbullying.org Stomp Out Bullying Address:
8161 Normandale Blvd
Bloomington, MN 55437
www.pacer.org/bullying/ Pacer's National Bullying
Prevention Center This bubble will feature ways to
find out more on the topic. Subject Headings
Searching Tips Bullying
Bullying in schools
Bullying and bullies—fiction
Bullying—United States
Cyberbullying Subject Headings for
the topic of Bullying This is an example of what a library’s catalog might look like. Under the keyword box, there is an option to change your search. Select subject. How to search on a
library’s catalog Step 1 This shows how I selected subject and then typed in bullying. How to search on a
library’s catalog Step 2 This shows you all the results. Please note the catalog also suggests the term cyberbullying as well. Take a look at the headings and click on which ones match what you are looking for. How to search on a library’s catalog Step 3 Too many results?! Here is a way to narrow your search even further. Select advanced search and we will narrow it down. At the top keep the subject as bullying but this time we are going to specify we only want teen materials, a book format, in the English language and published after 2006. How to search on a library’s catalog Step 4 Now we have got our new results. Only 49 results
as compared to over 300 results on our first search. How to search on a library’s catalog Step 5 Searching on a database can be a little frustrating. The
next few slides will show you some tips to make it easier.

The first step is knowing how to access your school’s or public library’s database page.

If you are unsure where to find these databases, talk to your school or public librarian. How to search on a database Step 1 Start off on the library’s database page. This library’s page is organized by categories. How to search on a database Step 2 To find information on bullying, I suggest selecting the reference tab. How to search on a database Step 3 Let’s look at TOPICSearch as an example. How to search on a database Step 4 Select Advanced Search just liked we did on the library catalog. We are going to select a search by subject which is once again bullying. Let’s say your teacher says you need an article from this past year. We will narrow the search in the publication date field. How to search on a database Step 5 Success! You have narrowed your search down to 14 articles to look over. How to search on a database Step 6 This is the story of Taylor who becomes a victim of cyberbullying and how her life is forever changed. Cady is new to school and finds out just how mean some girls can be. This movie looks at the events before and after a school shooting. Danny moves to a new school
and is being bullied. He hopes
to learn karate to defend
himself. This is a documentary
following the real lives
of 5 students who face
bullying every day.
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