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Cats: A life cycle

No description

Annabelle Bullock

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Cats: A life cycle

The Life cycle of a Cat
By Annabelle Bullock 4A Kittens drink their mother's milk for food. When they are
21 days old they can eat solid food. ( And as you can see below, they are nothing more than fluffy bundles.) While they are little, the kittens are cared
for by their mother. She cleans them and
feeds them and keeps them safe. After they are six weeks old, the young cats
can look after themselves. They leave home and
go out to find a mate. Then they reproduce. P.S.
If you are wondering
why I did the life cycle of a
cat for my speech, lets just say I did it because I love cats and always will. Thank you for listening.
I hope you enjoyed my speech
and will soon be very interested in cats. (I already am, on account of MY cat sleeping on my bed every night.) I CATS! The kittens are born.
There are two to six kittens in a litter. The kittens are blind and deaf for the first two weeks.
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