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Principle #10: Learning is developmental.

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Angie Castro

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Principle #10: Learning is developmental.

Principle #10: Learning is developmental.
Genetics predisposes to develop in certain ways, different methods of learning. But our experiences, including our interactions with others, have a significant impact on how they express our predispositions.

The human brain develops more rapidly between birth and age five than during any other subsequent period.

Between 18 to 30 months of age they have mastered some self-control. At this point, their development of language becomes critical

There are the most critical years for developing excutive functions
The adolescent brain is going through a major shift.
Neural proliferation occurs.
The brain becomes "Lean and mean"
The limbic area, which houses the hippocampus and emotions, is already well developed.
They are full of feelings and they area continually exposed to too much information
Drugs and Adolescence
Most drugs play havoc with prefrontal lobe development and executive functions.
Drugs rob them the opportunity and capacity for self-control
Zone of teacher influence
Development does not happen in isolation
Teacher or mentor plays a ver special role
amount + quality of learning =relationship with an adult or teacher.
Processing this principles
"Development always presents a dilemma, because all children are unique and yet there are similar patterns of development"

"Adolescents are similar but different. Their capacities to reason are biologically more advanced, so they need multiple opportunities to execute judgment and reasoning".
Bridging to the practical
It is not possible to quiantify all learning, or control the developmental path. The brain/mind is complex; much of what it does is spontaneous and unpredictable
All learning builds on previous learning, and we now know that this process is accompanied by changes in the physiology as it interacts with experience.

Early Years
Children are born ready to learn. They cultivate 85 percent their intellect, personality and skills by age five. The first months and years of life set the stage for lifelong development. Because of the importance of early brain development.
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