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The Attack On Pearl Harbor

A very bad time in U.S History

Nick Gagliola

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Attack On Pearl Harbor

The Attack on Pearl Harbor Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor? They attacked us because they wanted to drive us out of the pacific. They knew that if they destroy Pearl Harbor it would be devastating to our millitary. They also knew that it would slow us down and we couldn't control the pacific anymore. They wanted to control the whole eastern part of the pacific. They also wanted to make their empire strong and powerful again. Why didn't we stop them? We saw them on our radars but they were so bad that we couldn't tell if they were friendly planes or enemy planes or even a flock of birds. They attacked us in the early morning when we were still asleep. By the time we spotted them it was to late and they were right above us. Why did we bomb them afterwards? We bombed them when we they least expected it and we suprised them with bombs they have never seen before. We built a atomic bomb which was called fat man and we built a uraniunm bomb named little boy. We dropped the uranium bomb on the city of Hiroshima and killed 70,000 people. Three days later we dropped the atomic bomb on the city of Nagasaki killing 140,000 people. After the we bombed their cities they surrenderd cause they knew they couldn't defeat us in a war. They destroyed 350 aircraft and sunk 16 ships. 2,403 people died on the USS Arizona and out of all the surviours of the attack 1,778 people were wounded and a total of 24,000 people died. That was probably the most devastating thing ever to happen to our millitary.. Still today the USS Arizona is under the pacific ocean along with the 2,403 people that were on it. Pictures of Pearl Harbor The USS Arizona After the bombing Japanese aces which were their best fighters sinking of the USS Arizona
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