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Grunge: The movement that changed both man and music

No description

Ian H

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Grunge: The movement that changed both man and music

Grunge: The Movement That
Changed Both Man And Music
The Analysis of Grunge Subculture in the 90's.
By Ian Hocson Grunge: Defining the Music Setting the Stage The Beginning of Grunge The Grunge timetable begins in the early 1980’s with the formation of bands like Green River, The Melvins, The U-Men, Skinyard, and Soundgarden.
By 1986 most of these bands had moderate fans bases, but had little money to produce records.
A producer decided to release a compilation record entitled "Deep 6, " this helped these bands gain expand their fan bases. Grunge is a sub-genre of alternative rock that was popular in the early 1990's, it is a fusion of Punk and, Metal.
The origin of the term "Grunge" itself is unknown.
Stylistically, Grunge songs posses three main characteristics:
The songs are fast
The songs are loud and, heavy
And, the songs are sporadic Here are some examples: "Outshined" by Soundgarden, Immediately the song starts off with a slow but heavy guitar riff played by guitarist Kim Thayil, both the speed, and heaviness of the beginning riff contribute to define the song’s sound and, to help move the song into the next section. "Rearveiwmirror" by Pearl Jam. The tempo of the song helps the song keep pace, and the tempo drives the song. The overall tempo of the song is not overbearingly fast, but it’s fast enough to not bore listeners. It creates a nice moderate vibe to the song, the tempo of the riff at the beginning of the song serves as hook bringing the listener in. "Territorial Pi**ings" by Nirvana. This song is blazing
fast, the song itself is very heavy. The drums attribute to the speed of the song, and it sets the overall mood of the song. Grunge began in the rainy city of Seattle, Washington in the early 1980’s.
Many residents in Seattle felt isolated due to their surrounding e.g (it rains heavily, and there's alot of foliage.)
"Seattle was a weird place because it was the one place that not many bands made their way in,” - Dave Grohl With very little to do teenagers got bored and decided to listen to music
“We um, vandalized, skipped school, smoked and listened to music, that’s about it,” - Kurt Cobain
To teenagers like Kurt Cobain listening to music was a way to escape life temporarily. The Beginning of Grunge cont. Most major record companies never really sought Grunge as a marketable genre.
This could be because of the nature of the music, Grunge was very hard, and it was rough around the edges.
Most likely, major labels felt that Grunge wouldn't be palatable to the masses. Sub-Pop & The Attraction of Major Labels Around 1986 two men named Johnathan Poneman & Bruce Pavitt created a record label entitled Sub-Pop
They wanted to promote Grunge & wanted to make money off the bands they signed.
Through their use of marketing & reaching out to the younger generations, they made Grunge look cool. Major Labels Make A Move Sub-Pop was capitalizing on the revenue made by these bands, their market techniques were working, however the major record labels started to look into signing Grunge bands
Eventually Soundgarden struck a deal.
Alice in Chains another Grunge band was signed to Columbia records in 1989.
For the music industry this was big, having major record labels go to a minor label like Sub-Pop to sign bands was unheard of. Grunge becomes viral spreading throughout the nation, and eventually the entire world. This was all because of Nirvana’s legendary album Nevermind.
“It didn’t sound like history, it didn’t sound like the future it just sounded amazing.” – David Fricke, senior editor of Rolling Stone Magazine
The songs on the album were fairly upbeat despite the dark, almost cynical lyrics.
The catchy melodies combined with the dark, mysterious lyrics appealed to teenagers at the time. Nevermind helps Grunge Becomes Viral Nirvana Nirvana is Grunge band from Aberdeen Washington
The band consists of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic & Dave Grohl
Charles Peterson was working for Sub-Pop at the time; he attended their first show and commented: “This is a joke, there’s not going anywhere”
Their 1991 hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit," would become an anthem forever changing alternative rock. A lot of teenagers heard Nirvana’s songs and felt connected to Kurt; they felt like Kurt understood them.
Teenagers at the time felt isolated, and bored much like Kurt did before Grunge was created.
Kurt to these troubled teenagers saw Kurt as their savior.
"Well, Kurt Cobain was an original, and that's why he was loved as he was,” - John Bon Jovi Nirvana and, it's fans . A survey I created entitled: “Grunge Music, and Subculture in the early 90’s,” was given out to 100 people ages 13 and up. One question asked: “Who was Kurt Cobain? And what is he most known for?” One response reads:

"Kurt Cobain is most known to me at least, as one of the last people with that true punk rock mindset. What punk truly stands for is being yourself, doing you, and just embracing different ways of thinking, acting, and living. I felt as a kid, that I could connect to Kurt Cobain when I watched interviews of him on YouTube. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone, that the things I hated actually deserved to be hated, " Clothing & Ideas Flannel shirts, jeans & T-shirts were worn out of necessity
Thurston Moore describes the way fans dressed during the Grunge movement as: “Kind of long hair, thrift store jeans and shirts. There was that, but they were also having fun with glam.”
Kurt Cobain enjoyed playing with gender roles; he often wore dresses & wearing make-up during shows. Overwhelming Success The amount of pressure that Kurt Cobain felt along with all the media in his face could have very well contributed to his suicide.
In Gillian Gaar’s book entitled “Nirvana” he explains how: “Music was the only constant in Kurt’s life; his uncle got him an inexpensive guitar at the age of 14. He would carry it everywhere, spent hours practicing, and began writing music.
Kurt Cobain used his music to express his ideas, opinions, and beliefs. The media, created an image of Kurt Cobain portraying him as a god-like figure. He didn’t want to live up to the rock star pedigree; he just wanted to be himself Grunge: Falls along with Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain commits suicide in April of 1994, during his tenure with Nirvana he made something heavy, and practically unusable by the media palatable for the masses. So, Is Music Powerful? And What Does Grunge Do For Us ?
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