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Copy of Mi vida

No description

Maria Rossy

on 6 November 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Mi vida

Personal Identity
Mi vida
My background
I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and my ancestry is Spanish, Puerto Rican and Italian. We are a large family and we love gatherings, food and music. We're welcoming of new people with different ideals but aren't shy to express who we are and what we believe in. Integrity is huge for us.
We consider ourselves latino since we share many hispanic customs such as how celebrations take place and the things we hold important but our european heritage is definitely there through our clothes, religion and appearances. These are traditional Puerto Rican attires.
From the Spanish side people tend to be medium height, white, slender and usually have dark green or brown eyes. From the south Italian side they are tanned, tall and strong with tall noses. I possess pretty much all of these as well as some of the Puerto Rican traits mixed in with all other genes.
Mi Cultura
Maria A. Rossy
We are a family of 7 who used to do a lot of things together and my parents loved taking us around the island in trips to the beach and historical sites. My parents used to buy very little things to make us share, work as a team and appreciate hard work. We didn't even get a second TV until I was in college. As a result, we learned to to keep other's needs in consideration. Respect for others, especially the elderly, is a must.
We speak Spanish at home and participate in Catholic traditions which are predominant in the Island due to the Spanish colonization. Our most important religious celebrations are Lent, Corpus Christi, Christmas and Three Kings Day. Most important secular celebrations are weddings and Quinceañera. Funerals are a time when we all pray together for 9 days and shouldn't leave the deceased alone if possible.
Mostly, we find companionship through friends, school/university classmates, coworkers or social scenes.
What we eat most is Puerto Rican food which consists of rice, plantains, roots, beans, pork, chicken and soups (and tons of garlic). We also like pasta dishes and tropical fruits such as guava, avocado, passion fruit, soursop and tamarind.
I love music, traveling, reading, nature, coffee, time with family and meeting new hardworking people with intelligence and a sense of humor. However I can't stand hypocrisy and a negative attitude for which I leave some people out my life as fast as they arrived. I don't think people can only be one thing and it bothers me when someone tries to box me under a stereotype. I'm always planning a new adventure.
Who I am
I love people with a sense of humor but who know there is a time and place to be serious and can be trusted. I hate it when people record others without their consent for the sake of ridiculing them. Who I am, what I want out of life and how I view life has definitely been impacted by my upbringing and culture and I have no problem with that.
So if you didn't get it... here's a summary in pictures
Some photos are mine, others are from www.tugentelatina.com, Oscar Mena, Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Robin Sharma, Higher Perspective, Google and Facebook
Living in the U.S. for the past couple years has been a big change in many ways. Interaction between people is much colder, I'm used to making eye contact and smiling at everyone., always hugging and kissing people on the cheek even when being introduced. We also have a closer relationship with our neighbors. Housing here is so cookie cutter and simple while in the Island you paint your house and change the exterior at will and most houses are made of concrete. The result is colorful, which I love. And I sorely miss having all kinds of activities only 20 mins away.
No, I'm not cooking anything for you...
Who I am...
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