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A Parallel of Jim Casy to Jesus Christ

English oral

Nikia Edwards

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of A Parallel of Jim Casy to Jesus Christ

A Parallel of Jim casy to Jesus Christ Background Jim Casy is introduced to the reader in the begining of the novel. Jesus Jim Casy's initials are J.C. Jesus's initials are J.C. By Nikia Edwards Jim Casy's initial introduction of a comfortable, simple man is a misleading understatement of his true character. His existsence could be seen as christ-like. Jim Casy Casy was hailed and respected by many for simply being a preacher. Jesus was exalted by many for what he stood for and was suppossed to be. Popularity Popularity Hardship Despite casy's honesty, goodness, and loyalty to all men, he would not earn a meal or a warm place to stay. Hardship Although Jesus had many followers, still others opposed his preaching until the very end. Selflessness Casy wished to reach out to others in spite of his own troubles.
He wanted to give them hope, and renew their souls. Selflessness Jesus often held the same need and can be considered "the great consoler of life." Captivity Casy is arrested without premise. Captivity Jesus gets arrested in the Garden of Gethsemene. Teacher Casy teaches Tom Joad how to change things that seem unchangeable; he teaches him how to speak for the oppressed and how to yell. Teacher Christ taught his disciples about prayer-(Matthew 6:5-15). Into the Wilderness Jim Casy spent four years away from society. Into the Wilderness Christ went into the desert for a period of forty days of intense prayer with God. Death last words uttered, "you don' know what you're a-doin'" Death last words, "forgive them, Father, they know not what they do." John 23:34 After Death Tom, considered as Casy's disciple, vows to spread his message as he work towards greater social justice After Death Christ's disciples, along with other prophets spread the word of Jesus Christ. Sacrifice Casy gives up himself to save the life of Tom Joad. sacrifice Christ was willing to give himself up to save mankind from its sins.
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