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No description

Israh Thraya

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of THE NIGHT FACE UP


This story is mysterious and embedded with complexities and complications.The story takes place in both reality and within the mind of the main character.
The point if view of the story is told in THIRD PERSON NARRATIVE. Since the story is in third person, its easier for us to understand the story of the main character. We don't hear all his thoughts, however we do get a good enough insight on him, and how he feels.
The story begins with the main character taking a night cruz on his motorcycle, when an unexpected civilian ends up infront of the protagonists motorcycle, and lets just say that it didn't end very well.
The main character is rushed to the hospital due to severe injuries, however the pedestrian that was hit, survived with minor scratches. During the protagonist spends in the hospital, he is constantly injected with many types of drugs that cause him to go in and out of deep sleeps without a warning.
During the sleeps, the protagonist is having dreams. In the dream that he is having, he is a Motecas. Motecas were captured by the Aztecs and were used as a source of sacrifice to the God's in the War of the Blossom.
in his dreams,he is running away from the Aztecs, and his only weapons are his speed and a knife that he found in his hand. what he doesn't know is that whatever actions he is doing in his dream, he is doing in reality. He is thrashing around in his bed, and its all because of the drugs
Main Character on Motorcycle
The most insight we get is on the main character, who is the protagonist of the story. It is mentioned various times that the protagonist is a male character, however, his name is not mentioned at all
The protagonist of the story comes off to readers as an adventerous man. In the beginning of the story, we are introduced to him in the hallway of the hotel that he must have been staying at.he seemed like he was in a hurry, because he was constantly checking the time to make sure he wasnt late. Late for what, we will probably never find out
we learn more about him when he is placed in the hospital. we see both sides of him, in reality and in his dreams
we are introduced to more characters, but not in great depth. for example, the doctor: "Someone tall and thin in white..." but thats the most description we get on the doctor. Also, another important character would be the main characters neighboring patient. if he wasn't there, the main character would most likely end up on the floor everytime he had a dream.
The tone of the story changes when the main character is awake and when he is asleep. when he is awake, you get the sense of pain and haziness. when he is asleep, you feel the war around you and you can almost imagine the hardships and tribulations he is going through during his dream
When reading the story, you get a sense of lightness and darkness. you see the light when the protagonist is awake and in the modern world. The darkness takes place in the dreams, in the Aztec world.
you can clearly differentiate the mood between the modern world and the Aztec world. In the modern world you can tell that the protagonist feels safe and unharmed and in a civilized world. In the aztec world on the other hand, you definitely feel like you are unsafe and at harm.
the author uses many different literary devices which include: irony, foreshadowing and flashbacks.
FORESHADOWING- the author plays around with the readers mind by hinting things such as "it was unusual as a dream because it was full of smells, and he had never dreamt of smells" the author is hinting on that the ending is not what you are expecting.
"realizing that he was suffering from a terrible shock" what the protagonist thinks is that he is dreaming of the Aztecs and in reality
he had gotten into an accident and he is feeling the pain of the accident in his dream. however, its actually the opposite. its ironic because in reality he is running from the Aztecs but in his dream he is suffering from a terrible motorcycle crash
the protagonist is constantly pulling us into flashbacks about being in the jungle with the war of the blossom and being in a hospital bed. the reason that the protagonist is going from reality to his dream and visversa is because he is trying to avoid the terrible truth.
The element of suprise takes place in the end of the story when the truth is revealed. I myself did not see this coming as well as most readers. in reality the protagonist is running from the Aztecs who are attempting to kill him and his dream is of him lying in a hospital bed after a tragic accident.
The setting takes place in the hospital and in Mexico (Where the Aztecs lived)
the theme of the story is that dreams really do come true... and dreams can become your reality. thats exactly what happened in this story. the protagonist is trying to run away from the ugly truth and his "dream" is actually his "reality". and his "reality" is actually his "dream".
the climax of the story is the end of the story, when the author reveals for us that the protagonist is actually not dreaming about the Aztecs and that he's actually having a flashback on his reality, but trying to cover it up by making it seem like his dream is his reality and his reality is his dream.
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