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Middle School Success

Alderwood Middle School parent night presentation on how to help middle school students be successful.

Patty Kim

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Middle School Success

Middle School Success! What's Happening to My Kid?! Your Importance "Research shows that early adolescence (the middle school years) is one of the two critical periods in a child's life. The other time is early childhood. It is during these years that children need adult help the most. Schools and parents both have important roles to play in helping middle school children. But every study finds that parents have the biggest influence."

-The Parent Institute, 2007 Routines Organization -Use the student planner!
* Help prioritize homework
*Make to-do lists and check-off completed items

-Keep school materials in a specific spot at home

-Create a homework plan WITH your child Moving towards independence
Orienting towards the "here and now"
Frequent changes in relationships
Testing rules and limits
Developing ideals & selecting role models
Heightened emotional sensitivity American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), 2012 Techniques and Strategies @ Home Create consistent HW routines after school:
What time?

Check skyward regularly together

Study Club after school (M, T, F 2:30-3:00; W 2:30-3:30)


TV/Video Game/Internet Time

Bedtime -Homework everyday. NO exceptions!
-Find your child's "prime time"
-Schedule in breaks / multiple sessions
-Plan ahead- break down big assignments
-Set goals: short term & long term Time Management
-Insist on daily attendance

-Check in about school:
Use open questions or leads- What, How, Tell me about...

-Connect learning in school to the real world

-Enjoy quality time

-If & when possible- volunteer or attend school events!

-Join a parent organization :) Stay Involved! -Do not be discouraged!
-Ask open questions- what, when, why, how
*"How can I help?"
-Lose the little battles- save your strength for the
-Celebrate successes!
-Communicate regularly with teachers/counselors
*share things happening outside of school
*find out expectations
*track progress together Communicate Questions? We are excited to have you join our AMS family! Liz Fenton
Patty Kim Alderwood Middle School Parent Night
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