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Presentation: Middle Eastern Study

katerina bartlett

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Jordan

by: Kat Bartlett
hour 4 name of country: Jordan
Capital City: Amman
Government type: constitutional monarchy
Current leader: King ABDALLAH II
Flag: Land Area: 88,802 sq km
Percent of Arable land: 3.32%
Highest Point of Elevation: Jabal Umm ad Dami 1,854 m
Lowest Point of Elevation: Dead Sea -408 m
Political Map Physical Map Population: 6,269,285 people
Population density: 70.5 per sq km
Life Expectancy at Birth: 79.85 years
Infant Morality Rate:
17.38 deaths/1,000 live births
Literacy Percent: 89.9%
Unemployment Percent: 13.5%
Percent Below Poverty Line: 14.2%
Top three Exports:
Clothing, Fertilizers, Potash
Top three Imports:
Crude oil, Machinery, Transport equipment
Jordan's Currency :
Jordanian Dinars (JOD)
Exchange Rate for the U.S Dollars:
0.709 JOD per U.S dollar

current Event 1: Jordan has been at the top of the medical industry in the Middle East since the 1970s, After establishing itself as a popular destination amound Arabs, they're now looking to attract more patients from outside the region to get more money from the growing market for medical tourism worldwide. current Event 2: There were rockets fired into Aqaba. thoughts that Jordan was the one that fired them but Jordan is “100 percent sure” that the military rocket that hit a warehouse in the Red Sea Port of Aqaba on Thursday was not fired from inside the Kingdom.

http://www.jordantimes.com/?news=25954 Two largest Ethnic Groups:
Arab 98%, Circassian 1%, Armenian 1%
Two largest Religious Groups:
Sunni Muslim 92%, Christian 6% Number of Mobile Telephones:

5.9 million
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