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Psychology: Type A & B Personalities!

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Kyle Berteau

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Psychology: Type A & B Personalities!

Characteristics of type A Type B Personality Type A Personality In sports? Characteristics of type B -A great sense of time urgency
-Second guessing if work or output
is good enough! SPORTS!!! Type A performers play to win and take

In any sport type A will strive to have a perfect

Only aim is to win, sometimes with or with out a
team effort. In sports there is no evidence to suggest that the type of personality you are will affect your performance or ability. -Patient
-Lazy (at points)
-Stress free
-Laid- back What is Type A personality What is type B personality This does not mean
that one is better
than the other. Type A Type B Both have Pros and Cons Personality:
personality is a set of traits or characteristics
that make all people individual. Theories of personality The three main theories THE THREE THEORIES
The traits approach to personality
The situational approach to personality
The interactional approach to personality The trait approach! Situational Approach Interactional approach Sports?! Type B performers take enjoyment
and pleasure in their sports

Their laid back approach is for entertainment rather than to win.

Type B still gets the thrill of winning but
its not priority. Type AB ???!!! These different types of personalities are just what makes peoples diverse and helps us deal with stressful situations. traits approach Situational approach Good environment Not so good 50/50 Meyer Friedman and R.H. Roseman discovered Type A & B personalities. = A B
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